Country & honor

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Country & Honor

Tuesday, 15th Mar 2022


Spit not on the face

and condemn the human race

for their greed and prejudice

and result in the break of promises


who should decide the fate?

and get

to the right conclusion

and remove the confusion


if the country can't be defended

when invaded

by the country with suspicion of

your intention


how can one witness complete annihilation?

when you could save the nation!

avoid the destruction

with only one instruction "we are neutral"


we respect neutrality

and abide by the rule of hospitality

give no passage to foreign powers to interfere

and create the atmosphere of fear


what shall be the use if the whole country is raged to ground

man and material loss shall be found all over

still, you profess the victory

and bring shame on the people of the country


wise politician has one option available

not to press the people and country to struggle

bring in poverty, misery, and financial bankruptcy

that pushes the country to plight and agony


many countries are adding fuel to fire

they are ready to provide weapons not to extinguish a fire

but force them to fight with only one hope

the war must go non-stop


(c) Dr. Hasmukh Mehta

World Poet Laureate


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