The lower case k

I wrote this for my typography class. We had to research and redesign our assigned letter over six weeks. I couldn't resist a punny opportunity...


In ks you forgot 


A clog in language

works quietly away

Like the ticks of a clock

Across time and space


Fit for a king

At the highest peak

In the deepest sink

Bows the humble k


It knocks on the doors


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The way the lightning taunts me

makes me cower in my home

folded paper walls surround

as the rain falls on and on


Here I'm warm

with comforts near

More than enough

so safe and dear 


Still, I can't evade the storm

as it pours

it pelts

it blows

into my pillow

quiet grief

spirals from within my soul




Tuesday E...

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Karori morning (draft)

Currently isolating in my flat with COVID. It's so quiet and serene, it's like I can hear the trees talk.


The grass outside

Wriggles under raindrops: 

Beads of stubborn,

Loving, nutrients adorn.


From across the street,

Many heads shake with glee:

The proud cabbage tree

Broadly twiddles her fingers;

Tree ferns at the back

Giggle with every peek.


Now a...

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Lay down,

Lay down your day

Close it shut

Like a storybook.

Take me

In both your hands.

Sipping herbs, steamy

Drifting and dreamy

Sweet, Sweet


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Tangelo (10 Jan 2022)

Winter starts to mellow

Sunlight swells in the branches

Within the lovely grove

Fruit rolls into my palm

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Goodbye, again (19 September, 2021)

My mind likes to wander. Sometimes it wanders a bit too far, especially when I walk alone at night. I recalled one particular night and wrote about it, at midnight, in my bedroom. I am still fond of it.


Somehow the noise

of people tonight

makes me feel

more by myself 


They're moths to a light

And I've fallen in the shadow

In brambles

of Quiet that only I know


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'Molten hour' (September 2, 2021)

I wrote this during a lockdown. It wasn't as hard as the initial one in 2020. I spent less time thinking about what I missed out on and more time appreciating the things I cared about. This is the story of the view from my house, one weary evening. It's one of my favourite poems I have.


Hours clambered upon him,

One by one,

Till he bowed his head

And let his body drop

Toward th...

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HASTY BEETLE! (draft, 2020)

Prompts: place + animal + action. A quick fun poem from a bug's perspective! For some reason I'd written this in capital letters so here's me recreating that enthusiasm. PS Grammarly was not happy!







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Golden hour rain (draft, 2020)

I wrote this from my window in a burst of passion, while the rain fell to when it stopped. I used lots of "ing"s but I think I'm okay with that. 


Come golden hour rain

Trace my small world, very gently

Like graphite on a page


Tingling, shimmering, precious rain

Gliding from the heavens 

to meet the earth below


Masses of tiny treasures

in this early evening li...

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That time we saw the moon (2020)

I hear this poem as a song, maybe that's what it is. 


That time we saw the moon

at first it was a glow

volcanic red

and gentle amber

brewing on the hill


That time

we saw the moon

it emerged like a horn

out of Mother Earth's head

slow and powerful


a crescent grew 

floating towards the sky

that's when I looked at you

and wondered if I


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I fell in love with the sky and tried to make sense of it (draft, 2019)

Welcome moon

Crispy bright white

in a sea of dusky blue 

Stirred with fine pinks 

and heaped in with orange.

The hues ripple together 

from the soft grey hands 

of a loving cloud artist.

Their newest work yet

took all from sun-up

till sun-down to craft

and they hope you will look.

One masterpiece a day

it's free to view.

Soon it will fade away;

your tim...

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Waiting for Santa Claus (2019)

There's nothing quite like

the glow of four colours

illuminating a dark living room

from many little beads of light

woven through a Christmas tree.


The stillness as I hold my breath,

awaiting him to break the silence.


Then I start to grow restless

and let the scent of pine fill my nostrils

one last time, before

I tiptoe up to bed.


Maybe next year I'l...

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A short, fun poem about an adventurous moth! Written in a poetry workshop in high school.


Well past sunset

wanders a moth

racing mid-air

on his invisible roller coaster 

he spirals frantically

to escape the abyss

the darkness of night

closer yet further

to a singular light

he flaps out of control

until suddenly

He smacks into full brilliance


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The Colours of Hungary (2019)

I wrote the bulk of this while in Hungary as a teenage tourist from New Zealand. My family and I took a three-week trip during Easter and I was enamoured by all the sights and senses, frantically documenting all I could write and draw in my sketchbook. When I read the poem, I can't help but feel the rhythm, music and excitement behind my words. It isn't perfect, but it's very dear to my heart. Rea...

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The day awaits (2019)

This poem has now been made into a public sculpture in English and Te Reo


The new day awaits

its smile as wide as the sun's rays

broadening over the land

to bring light to our journeys

wherever we go


E tarati ana te rā

ka mene pērā ki te whānui o ngā hihi a Tamanuiterā

E rere kau ana i te whēnua

Hei whakamura i te ara o a tātou haerenga

Ahakoa ki whea e haer...

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The window in the store room (16/6/19)

Struck by the sun

They gleam, standing stiffly

Wearily arranged, but still in order 

All blasted bright

Coloured beacons of light

a hue for each kind of flavour


A party in silence, 

in stillness: the vessels

Expire faster where

They don't belong


Seeking shade

But thrust toward glaring beams

Fun-loving on TV

Basking in the summer

While the truth's...

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A long walk with you (16/6/19)

We walked through the scene of a farmscape calendar.

One snapshot could capture

a blue sky with touches of faraway cloud,

crouched in the distance, close to the horizon.


Ahead: a long straight road with little traffic.

Long grass swept the countryside around us;

a coarse, dry ocean filling the space.


Gaze a little longer, 

Watch a little more carefully,

And see...

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