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Gang 13

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Gang 13


I don’t want to be in your gang

I’m heartsick at the games you play

While I am busy building a life

 You are busy taking them away.

I don’t want to be in your gang

I don’t want to maim or kill

Don’t want to sell women’s bodies

Don’t want to poison kids with pills.

I don’t want to be in your gang

So you’ve made my life a living hell

Driven me from the l...

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Words Flow

entry picture









Words flowing from my mind
Touching people I don't know
Facing the future



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Also by Shirley Smothers:

Stormy Blue Eyes |


Light damage

Jill was riding in the back of a taxi,but wanted a light.

She tapped the driver on the shoulder and gave him a fright.

The driver screamed ,lost control and hit a tree,

"Don't ever do that again,you scared the life out of me!"

Jill calmed him down  and said she was a nurse.

It  was his first day driving a cab after thirty years driving a hearse.

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Miss silvers spoons.

Daddy's girl, 

Never a dull moment, 

Posh pawn. 

Till the next conquest 

Silly girl 

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entry picture

Death is a little like this,

the way it knocks out the lights

and sends you room to room

blindly searching wardrobes

and turning out draws for

a battery, a torch

or some utility

with which to respond

to this impossible new reality.

While the unthinking part of you

keeps expecting

to flick a switch

and return this house

to some scene, years ago

when it ...

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The Eagle and the Star

The Eagle and the Star


Where the Holy One of God once stood

amongst places with names well understood

Where He came to bring peace and love

to make here on earth as it is above

We see an incestuous land of hate

where it now seems all too late

Injustice flourishes like rampant nettles

fuelled by those from afar who have settled

A conspiracy borne out of pity and gree...

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Also by keith jeffries:

The World Day of Poetry | There is more.... | Misplaced Compassion |


Put down your bow and arrow 

Retract your claws 

The prey don’t matter anymore

They give you no pause  

Let them run around  

I hear the pitter patter clacking sounds 

But I have this fresh kill laying on the ground 

It’s the tastiest piece of meat I’ve ever found 

I’ll take it raw 

I’ll take it now 

Make me roar

Make me growl 

I’m seduced by the sight 

This ...

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AS daughter

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As daughter


Saturday, March 31, 2018

9:35 PM


I have seen no other figure

And felt as dear to ensure

That I was so close

And it was my real choice


Your absence has created a void

And I wanted to avoid

But you were committed to the family cause

So I saw in you divinity pose


Even small things were noticed

And you enticed me

For doing it corre...

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Hands open

The hands have remained closed for so long

In the shape of fists

Pointing are stiff and tired

But there are no words

Of love or hate spelled on the whitened knuckles

Just the lines of age

And the tension of muscle and sinew pulled over bone

The veins that stand out on the back of hands

Nothing hidden

Nothing revealed

Yet the outstretched arms begin to shake


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Also by Martin Elder:

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entry picture



Not the cross or the thorns

or the blood or the nails,

not the spear or the whip

or the rumble of stones

from the mouth of a tomb.


Not the hatred and bigotry,

the small minded hypocrisy

of this clan or that clan

whose father is biggest

or most feared or cherished.


Not the myth and the fable

espoused by blind acolytes

heaven bent on venge...

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alternative viewEasterEostremythPaganpeace

Plans on hold

entry picture

He stood

and stared

at the socks

in his hand

She lay an arm 

accross her face

He made to sit

upon the edge

of the bed

She moved her legs

He turned to

look at her

She sighed at

thoughts of what

lay ahead

He squeezed her foot

She removed 

the heavy arm

that had hidden 

her gaze of him

He said

We will make it

through this day.



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Also by Tommy Carroll:

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Easter Myth

The hero came

He always does

Kills the Dragon

Of dark history

We see the light

At tunnel's end

Forgiven we run

In gratitude and joy

While we can still remember

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Also by Hazel ettridge:

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Endcliffe Woods

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Endcliffe Woods


Come stroll with me

in Endcliffe Woods,

A place for us

beyond the storm,

We'll warm our hearts,

wear muddy boots,

And tumble into

somewhere warm.


Please walk with me

for endless good

As I revisit

former haunts,

Let's laugh and smile

where nature's blood

Reveals a truth

that nothing daunts.


We'll treasure 

every mo...

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self love

I can’t be what you want me to be
My appetite for you comes and goes
I try to be what you want
I try to be what you need
But sometimes you are just too much.
My knees go weak when I try to carry you on my shoulders 
I let you down becomes a familiar tune to you
I just want you to get better
You need to get better,
Please just be better.
You come in many forms but better doesn’t happen to...

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Penny Note

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1/8 oz Penny
Lure into a dampen storm
late afternoon notes to explain
briefly play away no matter rain
here comes moment wandering here comes
my spare penny comes into the middle, so sweet
here comes, how you play
play the moment through, i'll explain
afternoon rain dampens lure
play the afternoon rain dampens lure
I'm aware, i wonder if i can a gentle move, silenced rain
exactly ...

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Also by Wood:

Gull's Words of a Song |

poetry blog


God knows that all men are born equal,

so that must be so, mustn't it?

God obviously could never be wrong. 


In singing that particular song

from the same old hymn sheet

we are fine examples of that simple half truth


for why have equal opportunities

to give some a leg up,

bind us to a common goal to be more equal,

if we already are so. 


God knows what HE...

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Also by ray pool:


Maybe? (Haiku)

       Theresa May may

but I wouldn't hold your breath

      she probably won't 

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2018 Once more Trev's on his annual Texas Tour Pt 1 The Run Up

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Image: As with all my radio programmes involving poets they are promoted in Facebook events with the logo of 5 Towns Radio and who the guest is. This year I recorded the 5 shows I would be away for and decided to use the logo with an image of Texas to depict where I was at the time of the show.


14.08.17 - 1) I thought the time was right to book next year’s flight

Before the prices got h...

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Bird Box Squatters

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David is looking forward to returning home

to see his friends and family, and just as much

to see the occupants of his bird box.


But I feel that David needs to steel himself

and prepare to face the worst

cos he's in for one or two nasty shocks.


Because whilst a nice family of robins initially moved in

it wasn't long before they saw a money-making opportunity

and s...

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WHY? (Good Friday Poem)

A Good Friday Poem
by Fred Varden

Why did Jesus have to die?
Why do we feel like we have to cry
and wipe a tear from a guilty eye?

What did Jesus ever do
to deserve the punishment
that He only knew
would come His way
on a specific day

Why do we think we’re the wounded one
when all is said and all is done
How can our problems
ever compare
with those of He...

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Died in a Song

Died in a song

long ago

got pushed into the ocean

died in a song

sung while rope

kept me to an anchor

died in a song

I remember

nothing much before I slumbered

died in a song

all I knew 

when I woke I felt much better

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Torn Apart in Mind and Heart

For anyone

Briefly or lengthily

Exposed to the ravages

Of natural disasters:







Disease -


Or, worse

To the ravages of War



Ruthlessly inflicted

One man upon another

Upon women and children



Laying waste all shelter

And sustenance.

Daily destruct...

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Also by Cynthia Buell Thomas:

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Past Sheep

Inch by inch,

piece by piece,

kicking down my walls, 

you invade my sleep. 


1 sheep, 2 sheep,

3 sheep, 4 sheep

hiding dark secrets,

did you forget to keep? 


Long sumer nights

but has anything changed?

a sheep is a sheep,

all of you are the same.


1, 2 

3, 4

pick your favorite part,

take a little more. 


You devour what's accessible,


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Squirming your way into my heart

Took up a portion and filled it to the brim

Tears well up in my eyes at just the thought of farewell

                                                                        The years we spent together

                                                                        They flew by in a blur


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Times are unfortunate; I come, I go, but when

I need you the most, I know not to hope. At what

point will I resolve this knot. I feel sorrow; I do not

know if you, at all, feel the same. Untidy mess.

Scared and silly. And nasty. What has happened here.

I never thought it would be us. Had I hoped to strongly for this, this time around.

I carry on, no one to know. No one to share, ...

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In a world where its always night

her smile became a sun shining bright


in a world in black and white

she created colors with delight


In a world where there's no reverie

she drew wings on every entity


In a world where there's no direction

she invented steps of happiness and elation


and in a world of nothingness

she made everything she needed and plus


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No Doubt


There’s not a doubt in my mind that I can do the impossible

So if I do without trying it’s not even an obstacle

I break down what’s complex into the simplest patterns

So every step connects like the grid of Manhattan

I know exactly where I’m going and how to get there

I know exactly where I’m growing and where I’m not aware

Not to say I know it all but I’m better than worse


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Also by Dwayne Dillard:

EarthShake | A LIGHT in the dark |

no doubt

The Poem I Want to Write

He is the poem I want to write.

The pleasure pain of struggling for words at one am.

Emotions bubbling, White water rushing over pebbled beach

He is my muse

Wind whipped vision at the waters edge standing tall

Smooth sculpted satin.

Watching the retreating tide and soothing my fears-intangible yet real.

Hot on my heels, he is the Hound of Hell

Dream vision in my restless sl...

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Also by Colette Hutley:

We Dared | My Words |

we belong here

entry picture

We Belong Here

Oh how we fly up away from the earth

A great nice happy feel good joyous rapture

Letting go of the ground's grip to ascend 

Up into the blue blue blue where God lives

Along with Mother Nature and her elements

Nothing but beauty exists here in all ways

Ferocious to sublime to indifferent it's all here

Up where the angels live higher than cloud number nine


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Unanswerable | Reasonsonal | iron | rations | plane haiku | Metro Cats |


She not really into me

She not really into me.

Though she wants to live with me.

She only has to sleep with me.


She’s so paranoid I’ll leave.

She still wants me for a toy that screams.

Though she’s not really into me.


She only likes me codependently.

I know she’s not really into me.

I’m just cost effectively adding to her variety.


She only drinks green herbal tea.

Goes after ...

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Letter to You

Letter to you,

Words of wisdom,

If I may.

Don’t fall for the irony

That my reflection

Lacks a map of my life.

My beautiful child,

Let me remind you,

That every time you smile,

Every drop of laughter

That you place in this world,

Means something,

To someone,



Let’s remember

That people do

Amazing things each day.

Now not to di...

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I saw a miniscule black life form ascending my bathroom sink

And I refrained from turning on the tap as its progress made me think.

I even helped it on its way with a piece of handy tissue 

To reach to top of its vertical climb since its survival was at issue.

Something about its determined deed seized my rapt attention

And persuaded me to intercede - but I'm sorry to have to mentio...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:




What on Earth, are Words Worth?

He is.

Clouded. Lonely. A Wanderer.

Lost in Vast Wonder.

Infinite Love seems a fickle Host.

Dancing wild, wet and naked,

Universe, nuder under moonlight.

She Is. Constant. Change.

Sacred. Natural. Mother. Untainted.

Shimmering cosmic coils cascade spirals,

Encircle stones standing still, rough and fair,

Hewn, coarse, roughly pol...

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Also by Jon:

Progress Summit | Renaissance |


Through destiny you were made strong 

So you could withstand

The perceived pains of transition

To not divide love

To be born in its new


Love unifies 

Love sees

Love holds our purpose

Love brings you from your knees

Love is seen in her eyes

Love resonates through her words

Love brushes the comb through the baby dolls hair

Love is in the picture she drew for ...

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make it stop

my thoughts havent been clean i apologize for my actions in my heads painted a dark blue color sheme in betweens a little bit of you and a lot of me

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Also by Youthfullyxx:

again and again they leave |


I remember being restrained

Though he never put his hands on me

His gaze froze me in my seat

And he may as well have tied me

Questions flew like spears, hardened and cold

Flew through the air, wild and directionless

Flew right through me

As if I weren’t even there

And catch my heart on their way out

Now I walk like the dead

With feet so heavy they drop to the ground l...

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Also by Alexandra Rockwell Lorenz:

I Came Here | Mislead Conqueror | Bone Dry Drowning |

A Little Of Human Nature

Nightingale piercing

Near nearer morning


Around the roses the buzzing

Among stars still twinkling


Time's jaws a lion's kiss-of-death

Tomorrow equal to yesterday



Unless dreamers cede to fog

Unless lovers would love less


Remember summer and winter

Replay their saintly favours


Etching into eternity

Each captive heart's sonnet

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

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I'm angry you left me.

You missed my graduation.

You weren't there for my biggest heartbreak. 

You weren't here for my most agonizing days of high school.

You left me alone to take care of Dad

and myself.

You're not here to see my years of college.

You never met the boy.

You won't be attending my wedding.

My children will never know you.

You told me you felt like a fa...

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Also by K:

untitled |

the fawn

something soft fell to the earth that night

still warm from descent, chalk on slate

the sleep abandoned heard the faint hum

the damp leather crack as it hit the island

pulsing, the colour of ripe corn and battery yolks

the smell of june drop fruit and charcoal

from its bowels crawled a single, white fawn

all teeter and stumble, dripped with mucus

from the throat of a child,...

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Also by Stuart Buck:

he must be full by now | tabitha and the lawn |


entry picture

Catch a cheating star who’s hiding in his pocket tape;

He thought he’d be OK;

He scratched a little scar on the ball you bowl in cricket

To help its flight to swing away.

But TV cameras caught his little con tricks,

To his surprise;

But if your ancestors descend from convicts

You just can’t help but cheat and tell lies.

Catch a cheating star who’s hiding in his pocket tape;


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Also by John Coopey:


Panic On A Train

I had a couple drinks last night, by a couple I mean 5,

But all of them were singles and I steered well clear of wine. 


I kept myself hydrated and got to sleep by 12,

So why do I feel like this train is rolling into hell?


I’m sure that if I breathe too deeply the devil will know I’m here,

There’s no immediate or obvious threat but my bodies tense with fear. 


I’m re...

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Also by Sobski:

My Best Friend Has Demons | I’ve Bean in Worse Predicaments |

Tatty Bye!

It's not a day for the Diddy Men to weep.

Doddy's only in heaven having a sleep.

The squire's having a rest by Gods side. 

Making the angels laugh until they cried.

But something does feel missing from L14

A light gone out, a blank stage and screen.

Now the Liverpool streets, thousands line.

As the 2 horses trot slowly in perfect time.

The early rain and the hail it couldn'...

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Also by Mike Bartram:

The Squire of Knotty Ash |

Crowded, cozy bar


Hips bump


Accidentally on purpos

Just for the contact

The human contact






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They don't tell you that when you start to get older
How hard it will be to let go and try to get sober
That no matter what steps you take you'll never get closure

Guilt, I'm just buried in so much fucking guilt
Like I had something to do with the loss of what we built
6 weeks in and I'm already surrounded by the blood I somehow spilt

I can't move on and it's impossible to fucking let go
I ...

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Also by Nick:

Myths and Wishful Thinking. | Today. | Momma, I Can't Knock Them Out. |

All the news


Crowds of student protesters 
Were met with trucks of flowers

The president declared
A national sandwich discount

Your doctor recommends 
Several weekends a day

Side effects include
An exhibit at the Tate Gallery

The rebels announced
Their allegiance to open space

The stock market soared
When all shares were given away

The weatherman cried 
At the sight of spring


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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

Inappropriate | Thrive | come go nowhere with me | The Codes | Thursdays | Loss Department |

The Bully

Bullies get under your skin

 We can't let them win

If you see someone make fun of a friend

Make sure it comes to a end

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Mind Game

entry picture

"So long, Marianne,"
Uttered your lips,
Was it a whisper?
Your arms clothing me,
From night's cold air,
And into your warmth,
Then we both let go.

"So long, Marianne,"
She was Cohen's muse,
In a lonely poem,
A melody,
And a lullaby,
Of a love he dreamed,
About it again.

"So long, Marianne,"
Echoed in the wind,
Through t...

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a game to playgamelifelove

Still She Rise

She has a mind of stormy clouds

With every lesson, she grew young

Until she'd finally experienced enough 

She didn't let her expectations fall

But the world trapped her in buckets

So they could taste her young

And she felt the world so small,

They put around her the caution tape

For surely being left alone,

Using the lack of light to thrive

She learnt to feel alive


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human anatomy

well-developed defense mechanisms
aren't easily dismantled

and tools of survival
readily become weapons to crush--

as blood is compelled to surge
only to choke

the animal is driven to seek life
in spite of its limb.

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