Parts of You

I want a smile

That appears unknowingly.

One that spreads across his face,

Like the sunset in the sky,

Every time he hears my name.


I want eyes

That won’t turn away

When I show my scars.

Ones that can see

Through the walls I put up.


I want a voice

That will support me

And encourage my dreams.

One that knows what words

Will bring me back to reality.


I want a hand

That will hold mine.

One that will protect me,

And never hurt me;

Knowing I’ve been there before.


I want a mind

That will challenge me,

But never belittle me.

One that thinks I’m beautiful,

Even when I don’t.


I want a heart

That will love me,

Like its never loved before.

One that will give itself to me,

In exchange for my own.


I want a love

That makes me feel whole,

That is understanding and patient.

One I will never doubt.

One I couldn’t live without.


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