In a world where its always night

her smile became a sun shining bright


in a world in black and white

she created colors with delight


In a world where there's no reverie

she drew wings on every entity


In a world where there's no direction

she invented steps of happiness and elation


and in a world of nothingness

she made everything she needed and plus


in a world that was doomed

in her heart hope loomed


so hope came and slowly with it beauty

she didn’t need to smile anymore to see


flowers would bloom wherever she walked

water would spring from places she touched


even the sun came from far away

giving birth to their first day


curious about the tales the wind told

her deeds will sail further and would never get old


in a world where there was always night

today the sun is shining very bright

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racha chafik

Thu 5th Apr 2018 23:30

thank you am

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AM Cash

Thu 5th Apr 2018 22:39

It would be fantastic to hear this read aloud. It reads as a rap or song. Keep them coming.

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racha chafik

Sun 1st Apr 2018 16:17

Thank you Andy

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Andy N

Sun 1st Apr 2018 16:08

lovely piece with a great ending. keep em going

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racha chafik

Thu 29th Mar 2018 22:56

thank you anya hahaha im embarassed

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racha chafik

Thu 29th Mar 2018 22:50

its not about me hahaha its about my mom thank you anya

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racha chafik

Thu 29th Mar 2018 22:45

thank you brian its a firsttt

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Brian Maryon

Thu 29th Mar 2018 22:44

Good ending racha

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