You had to see it to believe it in the call centre

How you had to queue up twice in the lines

To hand in your bag and phone

Mard arse ******* security guards thinking they're God


Elevated to a lofty status beyond you and me

Who the **** do these twoddles think they are?

Donald Damn ******* Trump?

At least he's a really rich arsehole

The fake guards bellow and strut and act all important


'Put your cellphones, ifones, laptops, computers and TVs here!' 

Another plastic guard joins the litany:

'And form a separate line and place your bags here!'


Well **** me six times with three hookers

I don't wanna queue up two ******* times!

I wanna go home and drink my warm bloody English beer!


'You there! Don't put your gadget in your bag. You must queue up twice. You can't buck the system. We're smart and know all the tricks!'


Off to the back of the second flaming line

I will never ever queue up here again

Nor ever give the smarmy guards another chance to feel like God


Bossing me about and being damn wannabes

They're manning the desk in Reasons Call Centre and are all plonkers


Screw their little mind games and rules

I'm resigning from my crap job to be a tank driver

Then I'll bloody show them who's boss...


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nick armbrister

Wed 4th Apr 2018 05:22

hehe quite a rant isnt it thanx for reading ?

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Brian Maryon

Wed 21st Mar 2018 17:16

I could be wrong...but I've developed a nose for this sort of thing and I'm definitely picking up some animosity here.

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racha chafik

Wed 21st Mar 2018 16:58

shout out , you got it there

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