Why do I feel like this?

Inside of me deep within.

A tempest of emotions and thoughts and feelings.

A real wind blown cliche.

Leaving me teary eyed.

Wpiping tears away when no one sees.

Thinking of my life.

How things could be different.

What I should've done different.

Or not done at all.

Oh the list is long.

As is my list of woes.

If I could redo it all, I would.

And be the person my mum wanted me to be.

And the person I wanted to be too.

But now it's far too late.
I must live with what's inside.

Deal with the choices I've made.

And accept me for me.

And those about me.

For who they really are.

I still push everyone away.

And make sure my walls are big and strong.

Just like I think YOU do.

I know I'm wrong, mostly.

But one time I was right.

Yet I never knew which time.

Forgive me or hate me.

It's up to you.

I am me.

And I am you.

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