I can hear them talking,

distant voices

though I’m near,

swerved from my body

please stop this blast

words interweaved with other words

a pain that grew hands

and is messing with my brain

words becoming places

people, walls and a catastrophe

Im put in the middle

living the stories they are telling

unable to move

I cry and shout

but my body is unaffected

the pain gets under my skin

and now I hold it too

he touched you through her skin

the pain says

he raped you through her body

the pain says,

and he tortured you with the same way he tortured her

your incapability to do anything

say something if you dare

fear interrupts

in the darkness

I remembered a wish i once made

this is just the beginning

these stories ill hold them in my heart

like a treasure you so dear

◄ doors to oblivion

wands ►


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racha chafik

Sun 1st Apr 2018 16:15

Thank you andy

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Andy N

Sun 1st Apr 2018 16:07

hard-hitting poem racha, thats for sure. must admit i was wondering if it was about you until i got to the end.

very well wrote thou. just not a easy read and that sometimes good writing

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racha chafik

Wed 28th Mar 2018 21:53

no its okey , i should hav explained , i was in a cafee with my friends and we started talking about horrible things that happened to people we know , and reallly some stories i couldnt get them out of my mind , its horrible when you can't do anything

<Deleted User> (16099)

Wed 28th Mar 2018 21:50

sorry I read this wrong..but still thanks for sharing

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racha chafik

Wed 28th Mar 2018 21:47

no this time im not sharing my pain , im sharing stories ive heard about other girls , the stories were devestating but anyway thank you for readin

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