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A Memory Of Rhinoceroses

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A Memory Of Rhinoceroses


they were bigger than a house

and had heads the shape of cars


I think

four of them

or maybe more

one was hooked like a sabre

they didn’t have genitals

that’s why they died out

I think

couldn’t procreate

you see

their flesh tasted of pork

or maybe beef

I’m not sure

and they used to farm them

in Kent

or possibly Kenya

they made a sound

like a barking dog

no - more like a chimpanzee

and they laughed a lot

a low growling sound

like a chuckle

or was that hyenas


they were dangerous

because they kept blocking the roads

in Hampshire

and causing car crashes

over using horns

yes - I think their horns

were made of wood

and people really wanted them

so they cut them off


like trees

they grew back

being made of wood

everybody hated them

they were stupid

and smelled of old cheese

to be honest

I’m not even sure

they ever existed

I mean

have you seen the pictures…

unbelievable right…

extinctionfalse memorylast northern white rhinosave the rhinouneducated

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<Deleted User> (13762)

Fri 23rd Mar 2018 08:30

Brilliant Ian. And the collective noun title is simply genius. Very well thought out indeed. Col.

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