Imaginary Confrontation

What was going through your head?

What was running through your mind?

It's the one thing I'll never understand;

How you could just walk away and leave me behind


Didn't leave a trace, no reason to be found.

Just taken away and never reunited.

Do you understand the pain I've written across my heart;

When you took away from me, everything I had.


I was just a child, I wouldn't understand.

But I'm older now, and here I am still asking.


My mind wants to forgive,

But my heart is still chained shut.

I don't get how you could just give up.

Was I what you wanted, was I your hope?

Was I the girl of your dreams,

It's what I'll never know.


I guess you're just my past.

You'll never be my future.

You're just the story I keep to myself.

My heart will keep healing, my mind forgetting.


All the time you took from me,

I'll never get that back.

All the tears and all the sadness that little girl had.


I stand here now with all my strength.

When we're face to face, all my questions vanish.

Silence taking over, I cannot form words.


What can I even say to the one who took my childhood?


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