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My body just inches above yours

gaze into your eyes, your soul

I have questions and concerns 

kiss the top of your collar bone 

place you between my legs 

relax slowly 

experience every part of you filling me

feel expanded and complete 

utterly overjoyed 


savor this 

love how you feel inside me 

Heart touching heart 

Kiss your chest 

Touch your hair

Only softly flicking my hips 

Gently rocking, enjoying, relish  

Expressing my gratitude 

You are silent 

try to read your thoughts 

kiss your heart and face 

your lips part and kiss me fully 

Electricity explodes from your mouth to my toes 

I ache to climax on top of you 

Meditating on what you must be feeling

 I try to immerse myself in your thoughts 

I feel the connection you feel 

it becomes more than I can handle 

I explode with delight

Every cell set on high alert

Every neuron firing 

As my body shakes with pleasure 

Like a great wave crashing onto shore 

I feel powerful 

I feel electric 

I feel destroyed 

Every molecule in me is glowing 

Brilliant and bright in the sunlight 

gleaming, glistening, luminous, radiant, shimmering

I feel so alive

ready to feel you convulse and collapse 

I know what you need 

I quicken my speed 

Your hands grasp me tight 

Sensing your excitement heighten 

I hold you close 

Your body tremors 

I kiss you deeply as you release 

your heart beats fast 

Then we melt 

So satisfied 

So content

So fulfilled

So satiated

I adore you

love makingloverssex

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