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The doctor




I wasn’t feeling it 

I wasn’t feeling you 

For the four seconds it lasted 

It was mediocre at best 

You have so many great qualities 

But sexuality is not one 

Your dirty talk is blasé 

Your moves are overplayed 

Stop asking if I’m ok 

Just fuck me already 

I felt literally nothing 

Not that it was small 

It was there 

I just fel...

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Bad sex

the hermit

Just one spec of dust 

In the universe 

And I’ll survive alone if I must 

I’m waiting for your summation 

Your wisdom is a revelation 

Guide me teach me 

Follow through 

Don’t leave me stranded, reeling 

My stomach in knots 

This sinking feeling

You don’t love me 

and that’s ok 

I’ll just savor each day 

And when it’s done I’ll say 

I’m fine and show you I...

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the board game LIFE

Playing games 

Boards and life 

It’s all the same 

They both bring me delight

Is it even a competition 

When you always win

Don’t worry I’ll help you 

I always want others to do better

No one like complete domination 

Unless it’s in the bed room

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unravel it all 
feel the moments
the bliss
the bitterness
the salty sweet combo that tantalizes the palate
its part of this puddle life 
the snow isn’t ready to melt and neither am I 
I just embrace it all
The frozen fear 
the frigid fog
clouded in mystery and madness 
Im never clear
I was never here 
Secrets swallow me whole
Time to come clean
Listen as I scream 
profess my dreams...

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Broken fragments 

Almost dust

She was a magnet 

Watch her combust 


This downward spiral is gaining momentum 

Shes bruised and burned 

Beat up 

And dirty

She is down now 

No time to be flirty 

She just needs love 

Real king of pentacles type shit 

Someone who cares 

Someone who tries 

Someone who wants to desperately 

Make her better 


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The good housewife

Rough thrust 

Deep skull 

Arms back 

Tongue out 

I can’t breath 

I’m on my knees 

I wish you could do it harder 

My imagination spinning 

This is what I want from you

I smile sweet 

Sit on your couch 

Kiss your feet 

Wishing your hands 

were around my neck 

Choking me out 

While you get in deep 

In my head your making me scream 

I’m sobbing and ga...

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My heart became guarded 

And it should have never started 

But it did 

And we felt what we felt 

I knelt at your side and kissed 

You sweetly 

And warmed you inside 

With abundant love 

Even as I tell you no

I lean into your arms 

Make you hold me 

Sipping hot cocoa 

I kiss your face 

Push you away 

Tell you I’ve moved on 

But you know it’s not tru...

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lovers poems

Roller coaster


Admission for one please

How tall do I have to be 

Where do I stand 

How does it work 

Am I next 

Am I first 

Tell me where to sit 

What to do 

And how to ride it best 

I’m here to please you 

Not just myself 

I need you to direct 

Tell me where to put my hands 

Where my legs must stay 

Safely inside the ride

At all times 

What will you do if I ...

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Amusement park


Let’s sail away 

Till the night becomes day

The waves rocking us 

Lost in a sea of lust 

The sheets pulling tight

Against the flurry 

Give me all of your might 

I like it dirty 

Navigate through this storm

Your cock is an anchor 

find it somewhere warm 

If your looking for treasure 

in my wet mouth 

your anchor feels pleasure 

Ocean waves spilling all over...

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Drowning in the depth of your eyes 

I’m gasping for air 

Keep my alive 

Give me mouth to mouth 

Those lips of life 

Why can I just lay with you all night 

Held by words 

Captivated by touch 

I need you close 

I don’t need much 

Just the chance to see you 

To touch you 

To fuel you 

I want to ignite your flame 

Push you higher 

Build your desires 


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Even glances 

At simple photos 

If they are of you 

I feel raw joy 

Like pure honey

It’s sweet 

But so sticky

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Your body is a masterpiece 

I want to trace it with my tongue 

I lust after this art 

Longing to mimic its movements 

Like playing piano 

I keep stroking you 

To map your beauty with my hands 

The muscle memory kicking in 

I close my eyes 

I lean in to kiss your hips 

I taste you 

Your skin so soft and savory 

This is what art taste like 

It’s magic 

It’s ...

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Put down your bow and arrow 

Retract your claws 

The prey don’t matter anymore

They give you no pause  

Let them run around  

I hear the pitter patter clacking sounds 

But I have this fresh kill laying on the ground 

It’s the tastiest piece of meat I’ve ever found 

I’ll take it raw 

I’ll take it now 

Make me roar

Make me growl 

I’m seduced by the sight 

This ...

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Page turner


Like reading a good book

I can’t stop turning your pages

What will this next chapter hold

Action, romance, comedy

I want to remove the layers between us

Page by page 

The anticipation is killing me

I place my hands on each of your knees 

I can’t wait to read you 

Uncover the truth 

Your body speaks so eloquently

I savor this beautiful book of art

This engro...

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I’ll draw my line in the sand 

And today that’s where I stand 

Lucky for me the ocean tides will decide

How permanent my line resides 

You can draw yours with ink 

I appreciate how you think 

But I’m far too wild for consistency 

Dance by the fire blissfully 

I only want joy today 

What more can I say

I’ll never behave 

I’m a mother of all 

Come to me when you f...

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New friend


Shes patient like a panther waiting for it’s prey 

She will pounce and puncture then pretend you got away 

She’ll hunt you down and eat you because that’s what she craves

Follow the drops of blood like Hansel and Grettel 

I’m the wicked witch and I’ll cook you in the kettle 

Bake you in the oven, I bet you melt like metal 

Bet you didn’t know this sweet girl was a rebel 


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Future wifey


You’ve never met a girl this futuristic 

Never self serving she’s altruistic 

She loves to admire your acoustic 

Smiles and listens to you do this 

You don’t understand her it’s obvious 

She fights for love like a lobbyist 

You’re oblivious when it comes to feelings

There is no such thing as a glass ceiling 

Nights with her will leave you reeling


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Melt me like the snow

I was a block of frozen ice 

And you’re the volcano 

Explode on me 

and make me drip 

This puddle life comes so quick

I’m swirling in liquid 

Melted on your bed 

My heart alive 

Thoughts racing in my head 

I can’t describe it 

This feelings new 

Can’t run, or hide, 

I’m just confused 

Why won’t words form 

To help me explain 


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Sex with strangers


If I’m your summer sun 

Strong, burning, overwhelming 

You must be my hurricane 

Intense, wet and wild 

It’s anything but mild

The ferocity of your eyes makes me feel warm 

It’s my lighthouse through this crazy storm 

Winds lashing against me 

The harder they whip

The louder I scream  

The waves crashing over me 

Leaving me soaked 

Like a wet dream

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Define me 

Fold me 

Package me 

Mold me 

You want something different 

You don’t want me 

I represent freedom 

Not stability 

I’m sunshine 

And air 

I’m abstract dear 

You can’t put limits 

On butterflies 

unless you use a net 

And trap them 

into confined spaces 

I know it’s hard to hear me say this 

I’m not what your looking for

You need some...

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Disappointing at best 

Turns out you’re just like the rest 

Or worse yet 

You believe you’re different 

You’re not 

When you put all your focus into something 

You’d expect mastery

That wasn’t  even close

You asked me how it was 

I said I didn’t know 

I do know though 

It’s my passion and my joy 

You took something I loved 

And ruined it boy 

Don’t tempt t...

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bad sex


If you were to read my coding what would it say? 

What are the variables

What is constant 

Can you see the mistakes 

Can you fix them quickly 

Are these objects in your scope 

Does the data add up

Let me give you the pseudocode so you can easily sum me up 

You can decide if my conditionals are true or false by accessing my deeper code

Look at my heart 

The language of...

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So typical 

Love the wild but need to tame it

It’s beautiful 

Now how do I cage it 

Maintain control 

She’s an animal in heat 

How do we force her to behave 

What can we take away 

Train her to be docile 

Make her a house pet 

Give her a collar 

A new name 

Make sure she sits up for treats 

Her ferocity is scary 

You need it contained 

You make a plan t...

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What I want

He asked me what I want 

out of life 

I suppose I want what every animal does 

 sweet sex from handsome strangers 

To hunt 

To feed 

To outcompete 

Not to fall into famine or greed 

To plant the seed

To fly higher 

To run faster 

To move mountains 

I want to be the beast that’s never tamed

Unbridled energy explodes from my veins 

They will say this creatur...

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Also for J

Baffled, mystified, perplexed and confused,

my darling I have lost my muse,

and at what cost? 

 Is it worth a tormented soul

just to be kept in your control

 I jump when you say

and ask you how high on the way,

quickly obey

every command you convey 

I grant wishes in three;

falling down on my knees

to please all your needs

as you stomp on my heart

Drawn and q...

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break upbrokenheartbreak


You fucking trick. You lead me down this dark hole of destruction as you languished in my anguish. You never deserved me. It wasn't love it was obsession and you capitalized on my downward progression as you pulled me in and masticated my soul and left it in pieces on the floor. Evil runs through your veins. You told me I was insane and I believed you. I believed in all of you, but it was  never t...

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pure evil


I want to say all of the beautiful sweet kind things 

I want to lay my heart on yours and feel our rhythms unite 

I know this terrifies you 

I know I terrify you 

My sweet love 

When I am with you I gaze upon you with such delight 

Your movements excite my eyes 

I can't imagine a more joyous experience than to kiss your mouth 

To feel your breath on my neck 

To hold your...

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break upfailed romance


My body just inches above yours

gaze into your eyes, your soul

I have questions and concerns 

kiss the top of your collar bone 

place you between my legs 

relax slowly 

experience every part of you filling me

feel expanded and complete 

utterly overjoyed 


savor this 

love how you feel inside me 

Heart touching heart 

Kiss your chest 

Touch your hair


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love makingloverssex

Wild fire

Captivity is a cruel mistress for a wild heart

To tame the beast destroys her 

Let her be fierce and teach you her knowledge of nature 

Let the freedom of her naked soul wash over you 

Dance with her by the moonlight and bask in her unbridled joy

For no one can own this beautiful creature

So savor the moments she shares 

Enjoy the lessons of this licentious being and always sa...

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wildfree spiritstrong women



Sweetheart I'm sitting at sip savoring scones 

Silly seductions swirling in my subconscious 

Certainly satisfied by sex with my suitor

Seeing his salty sweet soul spiraling 

I secure it steadfastly  

sinking my softest kisses into his skin

The sexual stress strengthens 

Surrender soldier

I'll satisfy you sufficiently 

Siphon and suck until your spent 

I'll s...

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In between 

Mini connect 


Is it winter or is it ending 

I don't need it 

I don't look for it 

Am I done 

Frozen by the winter white 

Looking to melt 

Looking for that puddle life 

Make me warm 

Make me wet 

I want to whisper with you 

Keep you in little jars upon my shelf with the rest 

Stranger give me your all 

I'm back on the hunt 


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You need the fire 

I'm yours to admire 

You will never desire a heart so molten 

With smoke billowing out 

The heat makes you shout 

Run from the flames 

They will consume everything 

It's a savage in a sweet package 

I'm yours to ravish 

Don't be fooled I'm a disaster 

But a master at skills that will 

Give you chills 

I'll make you weak 

And melt and weep 


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fire flesh love passion obsession


Heavy coats 

Heavy petting 

It's tricky displaying affection with all these layers between us

I'm just bored and looking for a mouth to feed on 

So let me taste your flavor 

I know it's not the kind that melts the snow but it will do for now 

My feelings bottled deep inside 

Just hiding behind tall men like you

I feel very little 

I laugh at the ridiculousness of it all


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one night stand

Ryan my Muse

Mystery muses fulfill each of their uses 

We trade abuses like juices on the play ground 

Who chooses who wins and who looses it's all ruthless 

I viewed this, approve this, just trust that I'll do this 

So if you wanna be fruitless

Press play and I'll rule this 

It's simple be clueless 

And I'll let you run through this 

I'll commend your astuteness 

With talents and sh...

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Missing you

Missing you. 

This hunger 

It eats away little pieces of my heart 

You are the air, the moon, the art 

You decorate this room 

You need to fill it soon 

The memory is getting hazy 

And my fingers are feeling lazy 

Come back to me, just come 

I'll do the rest... and then some 

Just hold me and take my breath 

Desiring only your heart beat 

The rhythm of it helps ...

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missing you

New chef

New chef 

You with silly tattoos  

Too rough

To eager 

Be still 

Be gentle 

Feel deeply 

Kindness touches more than hearts 

Make me melt 

I love how you felt 

But I also want more 

Less raw anger 

More connecting hearts 

I want more than motions

I'll take your soul 

Keep it stored with the rest of chefs 

Next to the spices 

You now know what the p...

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It’s always you!

It's always you 

It doesn't matter where I am 

It doesn't matter what I use 

Fingers, toys, other men 

It will always be you 

Your name repeated in my head 

Your body the only one I feel 

Your lips produce kisses I steal 

I can almost smell your clean sheets 

I squeeze my eyes tight

It's always you 

I imagine the same sequence of events we play 

The gentle touch...

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love making

Ionic bond

My ionic bond 

You’re metal and I’m not

Hold us together

Let’s form a lattice 

Feel the electrostatic attraction 

Let’s exchange ions

and unite in strength 

They freely flow back and forth 

Break and form 

This compound is complex 

Discover a new element 

Let’s name it after us

What a unique a beautiful creation

Is it gentrified prostitution 

Or an over th...

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Sexloverslove and romance

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