If you were to read my coding what would it say? 

What are the variables

What is constant 

Can you see the mistakes 

Can you fix them quickly 

Are these objects in your scope 

Does the data add up

Let me give you the pseudocode so you can easily sum me up 

You can decide if my conditionals are true or false by accessing my deeper code

Look at my heart 

The language of love written next to my art

These expressions are complex 

And they loop until the conditions are met 

Stay for a while decipher these modular codes

Ill provide the API so you can suit it to your modes

My heart is there for you in moments of strife

Full of energy for you to call back into your life 

synchronously or asynchronously 

It may need refactoring 

But as for now 

It should suit you perfectly

◄ Trapper

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Tue 13th Mar 2018 20:44

Great poem! I love the title. Thank you. Anya x

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