I'm not crying today I'm not sad I just feel small

powerless in front of an inhumane system

heads down ,everybody crawl

where is the courage and hope or do we need another victim


don’t you dare raise your voice

we are living in a world where hope became illegal

but you can still buy it ,it's your choice

its price is pain not anything material


but if they see you have it, it's not our issue

we only sell we don’t care, shit happens

if they find it they’ll need someone to screw

compensate it with money, Ur life or actions


i once dared to speak and defend my honor

everybody looked at me as if they saw a monstrosity

me who’s small, and she, that when I realized my vision went blur

she was a figure of power I should have begged for mercy


everybody was shocked by my abominable act

in their faces I deserved a death sentence

deep deep inside their envious I know for a fact

as if my words were like a sweet vengeance


Everybody stood still why I was speaking

until a small voice interrupts mine « do you know who you are talking to ?  »

Trembling while speaking as if he’s aching

I know who she is, but I don’t think we see her with the same view


she does not care whether you’re innocent or not

feeding of the weakness of others

you can fight her all day long most important thing you were caught

for her you're not human you're in a trash bin called errors


I couldn’t believe it was true

looking at me with such hate as if I shook her chair

I was another thing to subdue

what did I wake up I wasn’t aware


I only have hope and a little courage behind my back

I could never touch her in a million years

well I could, but she would eat me like a snack

and I can already hear my parents tears


I guess she saw the power that courage can provide

but still I'm nothing in front of her

with one mistake I think I would’ve had died

but money intervened and everything was altered


, so I was called mentally insane

she looked at me with anger and more insurance and said

you have to go and treat your brain

I couldn’t answer at that point I was dread


I was afraid but I didn’t fully apprehend

until I got home and had time to ruminate

how could a sheep speak it should bend

I would have been eaten if I didn’t put food in her plate


we think we  live in a civilization

but we are in an undercover jungle

how do you explain starvation

watch your back they are waiting for you to stumble


nothing was created for you only for the beasts

with an insatiable appetite, better not get trapped

the only solution is to eat, I need a feast

trust me ill do it for the greater good I won’t be inapt


how many souls did we loose in that way

once you taste human meat you go mad

better pretend I know nothing and pray

I’m not crying today I’m not sad

◄ my depression

doors to oblivion ►


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racha chafik

Tue 27th Mar 2018 10:16

thank you big sal

Big Sal

Tue 27th Mar 2018 01:18

Damn. That flowed really nicely. Well done on the perfect encapsulation of a very complicated series of emotions ending on a note that leaves the reader wanting more instead of simply being content with the content.

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