we belong here

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We Belong Here

Oh how we fly up away from the earth

A great nice happy feel good joyous rapture

Letting go of the ground's grip to ascend 

Up into the blue blue blue where God lives

Along with Mother Nature and her elements

Nothing but beauty exists here in all ways

Ferocious to sublime to indifferent it's all here

Up where the angels live higher than cloud number nine

This is a special place where change is constant

Each moment leading to the next and next and next

Falling raindrops making a rainbow making a cloud

Chaos is here the Butterfly Effect hurricane flappy insect wings

Wrecking your town as you cower from nature's wrath

Yet when you fly in your little aeroplane she's fine

The wind thru the wires and sun on a lake oh how pretty!

The joy of flight and freedom of the skies all illusions

Greater than love and life and death and all things

Except the sky for here we belong and gasp in awe

The future is above us and we belong here here here

For this is our home...


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