Heavy coats 

Heavy petting 

It's tricky displaying affection with all these layers between us

I'm just bored and looking for a mouth to feed on 

So let me taste your flavor 

I know it's not the kind that melts the snow but it will do for now 

My feelings bottled deep inside 

Just hiding behind tall men like you

I feel very little 

I laugh at the ridiculousness of it all

You want more 

I don't 

I'm no longer obligated 

This isn't my job 

You are a great placeholder 

I'll never spend a night alone with a continual string of men like you 

I collect them all one bead at a time

This string is infinite 

What a beautiful necklace you all create 

The collection is quite eclectic 

Thanks for the ramen and fun 

Just so you know, I wasn't ever truly interested, but now I'm really done

one night stand

◄ Ryan my Muse

Nick ►


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