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I want to say all of the beautiful sweet kind things 

I want to lay my heart on yours and feel our rhythms unite 

I know this terrifies you 

I know I terrify you 

My sweet love 

When I am with you I gaze upon you with such delight 

Your movements excite my eyes 

I can't imagine a more joyous experience than to kiss your mouth 

To feel your breath on my neck 

To hold your hips close to mine 

To have you gently caress me as we lay totally naked and peaceful under the covers 

I want to whisper all the ways I love you 

I want to lick your body and taste every part of you 

I want all of you

I want your happy, your sad, your tired, your best, your worst, your pain, your frustration. 

I want to supply your heart with endless joy and be the one who fills in all the missing pieces. 

I want to permeate your core with love so that every part of you radiates ecstasy 

I want to be all the things you need and help you through every storm

I only desire your growth and continued success. 

I want to be there to hear your frustrations, and listen to your passions and dreams 

I am so satiated with love it boils in me like a grand volcano 

You ignite my fire 

My flames are high and they may destroy me someday if I'm unable to erupt and share 

As I sit there on your couch with steam coming out of my ears I'm silent 

I feel the words bubbling in my throat 

I swallow hard and push them down 

I smile coyly and tell you that your cute and that's all 

I say nothing of substance 

I play the role 

I'm sexy and sweet and nothing more 

I allow you to ignore me 

I allow you to use me 

I allow you to make all the rules and I just obey them 

I need you to set free my beautiful volcano 

I need to allow my heart to cool and harden 

I melt around you and even the thought of you leaves little puddles of me in all sorts of places (not just your bed) 

I can no longer do this 

This puddle life 

I have been so patient 

And my heart can't do it anymore 

Goodbye sweet volcano 

I've never experienced anything like you

I'm glad to have melted the way that I have for you  

I meant it all 

Every word 

But it's too painful in the end 

I need to evacuate before

I'm scorched beyond recognition 

So long

break upfailed romance

◄ S.

J. ►


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