doors to oblivion

Memories slip away from me

like water slips away from a broken glass

perhaps the greatest faculty of my mind is its capacity to flee

the saying time heals wounds is not true, alas

first door :

sleep offers us retreat from reality

no wonder when I’m hurt all I can think of is falling asleep

but with time you lose the key

you never learned what to throw and what to keep

second door :

you keep on forgetting things and you don’t know why

gently sleep comes back to you like a lost friend

your wounds you buried them deep and you no longer cry

but things will come back if u didn’t know where they were sent

third door :

reality is nothing but pain

lets leave it behind and create something more divine

I keep on getting dragged by imaginary chains

but those times are resoled we are living in a world that is mine

last door :

my world is falling apart in front of me

and a big black hole is being created in the center

I think that's where it's always has been and will be

it is submerging me and I won't fight it , I surrender

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