cleverly shunned

cleverly shunned
this clever lad
who once was
quite celebrated
applauded, even; 
that once and
clever tyke --
little did he know
one forward day
when he'd've all
up and grown
dependable lads 
are what's wanted
clever 'uns were
interesting enough
for a bit of a larf but
just a tad annoying;
when things gotta
be done - go figure
dependability and
cleverness could
be so incompatible 
in people's heads;
so be rather dull
but trustworthy 
than yip yap like a pup
that's cleverly shunned


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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Mon 5th Mar 2018 10:37

This is so clever- deserved three readings before I was happy with my giving it proper attention.

Haven't seen you in ages. I hope all is well. Or am I wrong? I could have sworn I recognised the name from years ago. But your profile does not seem to bear this out.

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