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This concert I wanna tell you about

pivotal, '92 it was

grunge out of Seattle

you would have been there

I kid you not

if you'd knew about it


I was totalled then, a storm building

wipe - out brainwise.

Can't even remember where it was

this concert I wanna tell you about.


but it happened, know what i'm saying

fuck me it was up there

with Hendricks and th...

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Also by ray pool:



I am aware that many of my WOL chums see me as a little hard-hearted. Perhaps an incident that happened the other day will mollify this somewhat.

It was in Brighton and it was stonking hot. Our Gert and me decided to get an ice cream. But on the prom these could cost you £2.50 or more! So we found a Sainsbury's where we got a pack of three Soleros for £1.50. Result.

We were eating them when ...

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Also by John Coopey:


The Bitch

She saunters about,

Her nose raised in superiority.

Peacock, proud and arrogant,

Strutting around,

 lethal with spite,

Spitting her viscous venom,

Wounds cut deep,

Lashed by her tongue,

Her actions grind others down.

Whip to spur them on,

Beaten brows cry out.

No autonomy,

Trust stolen,

Integrity lost,

Freedom withdrawn.

Her senseless cunning,


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Also by Louise Hogg:

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At the corner of your mouth there is lightning


I am burning my fingers

Trying to remove the skin of a roasted red pepper

But someone, somewhere is dying

This songs climax is the lead singer screaming


But rather than the music dying down

It is getting louder and louder

So he must mean that the silence is fading

To successfully remove the skin of a red pe...

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Also by Stuart Buck:

ceremony | sick fire | nobody shall sleep |

Twelfth Dare

Entering to new room for this twelfth daring scene
Hearing people moaning, seeing women bobbing
As we head to a seat with a wicked throbbing
Looking at your stunned face to the action obscene

Take in the thrusting view and observe the fun parts
As my hand holds your hand and I kiss your red cheek
And we murmur to acts in front or our live peek
Not able to find words in these new twisted c...

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Daring night series


The language of the heart is the hardest to learn

Fluency is disrupted by the mind's heavy tongue

analytic and avoidant

words catch in our throats and settle back into bellies

full of things we would not share


the pain is great like an elephant

stepping on my sternum

I start to release a phrase

only to find no air in my lungs-

my hands clasped unconsciously over my ...

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Recklessly sluggish
After sleepless dusk
An open eye survivor
Struggles to wake up.
She sweeps the air,
Fingertips stretched or
As far as her muscles
Let her catch the
Wondering wool sheep.
Tension fills her peak
Until the release, then
She slumps and grumbles
Into her abused chair;
Melting once again
Into today's tedious affair.

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Love is not fixed, Shakespeare!

Hi! This is me Mukund Iyer. It has been a long time putting up with a nice blog post. So here I am, giving you a piece of advice of how love is not real in my view.

"Love is not constant. It is a variable in the equation of intersection between individual life and society."

The above line says it all. Love is not real. Now, Shakespeare, one of the most notorious person with a way around E...

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Also by Mukund Iyer:

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call me crazyjustificationlove is not real

against the background of a December sky

entry picture

icy midnight.

Looking up and through

the irregular angles

of your snow dressed skeletal form.


Although winterly stripped to the bone

I see you far more suitably adorned

with the ever fruitful

constellation of stars


Patricia Wilde

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Also by Patricia and Stefan Wilde:

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The Granddaughter Plays

Today as my Granddaughter plays..

I fall into the simple haze

Childhood memories of long lost Daze

Feelings I had forgotton as I grew into age

How I sometimes miss that childhood haze.

Billowing curtains and breezes gone by,

I feel the beauty of my own childhood, minds' eye

Childhood haze, really never goes bye.


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entry picture




 The bass guitar is not loud enough

 He explained solemnly

 Unless it rattles your cufflinks

 In the back row

 It's not concerned with melody

 Just there to add some body.


 That was a long time ago

 In our long hair days

 The next time we met

 His locks had disappeared

 Mine were slowly thinning

 I reminded him of his saying.



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David Subacchimusicpoetry

Learning to stop feeling guilty for getting my shit together

It suddenly struck me
It's the end of June, I thought.
That means. Oh shit that means
her anniversary is here again.
I felt a sense of guilt because
the date of her passing had slipped my mind
I guess I've just been busy
visiting friends and family
and moving to a new area.
Oh and I've not been particularly well.
Nothing to worry about Mum
I just keep having these seizures
I never had ...

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Time, Beings

Acute humans, lonely in angles.
Attempting life, death in bedsits adept
while the children they might have had
move by, skipping dead futures in the sunlight.

Cries like mice unborn, alive as ibis dead, 
the yet to be, the much too soon. The swears
on their behalf. So many meanings please just

let them die a life, form a death so lovely
that souls gather like apes upon a pond
of rip...

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Also by Kealan Coady:

Owl By Lamplight | Remember The Butterfly |

The Law Of This Land

They think that we are not worthy . The chosen few . With the gift of the gab and the wealth to get through .  They make their own laws . Thinking all should abide . But where are the laws of this Land . And how do we stand . We remember Laws were made when we were young . And now it's very unfair . We don't get a say when we know things are wrong . Why are we not listened to . Why are we abused ....

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Also by Wendy Higson:

Our Mums Past And Present | No Words Needed | Make Do And Mend | Shameful | Beautiful | No Holes In My Socks | People | Don't You Belive It | Racism | Don't | No Words | What A Lovely Song | Song Bird | Who Is Driving Our Taxis | My Chidren | If Only | Talk To Some One | What Next | The Remoaners |

Dear, Moon

Dear, Moon

Will the pain go away?

Will I ever stop thinking about him by the day?

Call it what you may,

but it must have been real.

Though, the next day

he did say

no love did he feel.

My lips are sealed. 

Mocking the existence of those kisses. 

Now all my prayers and wishes are for him.

If we are never to be again,

then what must I do?

Dear, Moon?

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Must touch once, twice, thrice!

Otherwise I must pay the price!

Penetrating thoughts that won’t go away,

Compulsions that haunt me day by day,

Anxiety comes, anxiety goes,

Got guilt, depression and so much obsession.




Please leave me!


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Also by Toby W:

Grandad's Armchair | Driftwood |

anxietyawarenesshopemental healthmental health issuesOCD

unknown soldier (half-life)

I see you


left forsaken

in the desert


along the footsteps

to the threshold

of your own home..


to spare you

the kiss of pity

upon your cheek


I would send before you

great trembling and thunder


to awaken all that sleep

within your house


while you still walk

the earth athirst...

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Also by nunya:

watchdog | the parachutist (deployed) |

The 'Magic Money Tree'

As a Country we have been conned.
Just like magic, a wave of the wand.
Behind magic mirrors, a cheap trick.
Out of nowhere, through smoke thick.

Out of thin air, suddenly there to see.
Teresa May has found a 'money tree'
Great timing for the DUP it was found.
On its branches over a billion pound.

This money tree must reach the sky.
A money tree means 10 votes to buy.
Nothing left on the ...

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Also by Mike Bartram:

Snared Rats | The Butterfly | 'Mates Rate' | The River Styx | Sleeping Dogs | My Life Beneath The Sea | Left Behind |

Adam's Humanity


Allow that the least atom may be separated from all else:
this was my position.
Darkness, or rather nothingness
in every direction,
and every second identical.
As my fears that I must be asleep, drugged, dead or worse
shrank like stars of the morning
I knew their fate to be like mine
and emptiness, darkness or nothingness
was not really so bad!
It was now I saw as if with eyes
a br...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

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Give them the occasion...give them the day

And you will find they came

To play in everything they say

The easy game of blame.


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Also by M.C. Newberry:


Sincerely Yours

Spring was formed in the evening by the residual dew of storms,

When I gandered out the window in the morning,

Looking for you wearing your dress,

With the dreams of a family, I had once had,

I found nothing


In my mind.


Where are you?

I wonder towards old times written in tablets to the tune of women and children,

And I ask,

Where are you about to go and see,


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Also by Alita Moore:

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DepressionHeartbreakloveMelodramaticSadSincerely Yours


I find that I must live in a world

Where, between that desperate dusk and a new dawn,

And between many a dawn and its dusk,

The only reality lies in love.


To be in love in that first dawn

And in the dusk, was to feel the sun

Warm our very passion every minute of every hour,

Reality lay only in the other.

And beyond that dreadful dusk, nothing

but dawns and dusk and ...

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Also by Chris Armstrong:

Meaning | Druid Lane | Monument |

harsh realityhopeloverenewaltime

Vestigial Tales

Vestigial Tales

Lost when you
Become an adult

What you could tell
Your younger self

Some feelings
You can't even spell

Leaving their marks
Without a pause

It's colder inside
Than it is out

You're left with
Vague suspicions

And drowned meanings
Still haunted by what

You thought
You'd become

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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

Roleplay | The corporate poet | Beautiful | Laughter | Reverse Cinderella | The calm was the last thing to fall | Drugs | Daily Horrors | Runningintoyou | In Public | free market |

Emotional Prostitute

Every heart wants somethings thats harder to get

Like looking for that rainbow in the desert 

Or the dry spot in the rain forest

But no some people are hunters

They prey on your weak emotions while you pray for acceptance

You could stand up for them while they stain your name when your down 

That same stain will be seen around town

Looking for love no im just a corner hoe for ...

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bad habitsconfusionloveregret

Grotesque decadence

A small piece I wrote while sitting by the river today, I actually hand wrote about 5 of these and left them at all the surrounding buildings haha ! 

The river dances, An iridescent reflect the sun shines as it mirrors and presents
A cinematic silhouette 
Birds glide, dive into the depths, lizards leapt down the oyster coated steps.
Dip there feet and feast on what the fishermen left, Rotten...

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Also by Jakob Robinson:

Give me peace. |


pausing in hell

first dawn of his new loneliness arises.

The weight of her absence is being born

in the everything she once was

and in the everywhere they had been together.


He is being exiled

to where his unwanted companion

-the unknown

is waiting with dark,vicious gifts

gifts he is forced to accept.


So long is the road to recouperation

so long will it be for blessings of ...

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Also by Jemima Jones:

betterment | lost babie's | tonight again the tumult | sorrow must never forget | relocation's,revision's,revival's. | without warning | from behind smashed windows | In a downloaded dream |

Noughts and Crosses

I'm finding

(quite often nowadays) 

that I'm slowly running out of words to describe how you left me

like a blackhole, in both good ways and bad 

it sucks in all that was good and rips those memories from me 

but takes away all that I hated 


I have so much I want to say 

and so much I hold back on 

too stubborn 

to admit what I wish I could 


I wonder how you...

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Ice Or Fire

Watch out for the fire

It burns your skin

Watch out for the ice

It freezes your soul

What would you prefer

Ice or fire

Freezing to death or

Turning into ashes

They both frighten me

But fire frightens me the most

My biggest fear is that my house will lit on fire

And that I will burn with it

But when I'm dead

I do want to be cremated 

That sounds weird


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Child's Play

Running through the playground with a red ball
Kicking up dust of a joy he once knew
A right footed volley is greeted by the roar
Of helicopters circling above the street.
As the few play Jenga with the lives of many,
Walls and dreams crumble around his bare feet.
A kaleidoscope of gas, blood and orange
Ambulance seats tumble before his eyes.
Simply a child. Lullabied to sleep by mother’s ...

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Also by Eva Elizabeth:

Cardboard Boxes | Just a Nurse | The Last Night with Grandad. |




Life is not fair

Or is it?

It can drain you bare

Or make your face lit


It’s the master of us all

Its gives and it can take

You can feel like the king of the ball

Some days its bread other days cake


In it’s eyes

People are all the same

The bond that ties

Those who goes and those who came


For everyone in life there is a beginning

And ther...

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Also by Neill Barnard:

Light breaking through |

Wearing Thin

More frequently now, come moments

When life wears thin

And through the threadbare tissue

That we call family, community, society

That we call culture, values, mores

I see the loneliness of the living

And, more surely, the loneliness of the dead

Beyond the manufacture and the fabrication

Lies the truth, which some have named beautiful

And some have named despair


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Theresa told us, that there simply was no magic money tree

Until she conjured up a billion to buy the D.U.P.

For every vote - one hundred million? Sounds like bribery to me.

How it affects our strong and stable union - We'll have to wait to see.


Lizzie Regina - finds her coffers swelled by nearly another ten percent

While her high rise dwelling subjects get just an air bed for ...

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Also by Mark Mr T Thompson:

Stay Put | Our City Of Many Bridges |

Above My Home

A top the ridge I sit

The meadow below I live

The sun setting in the west shines new perspective on the eastern mountain tops

The color of gold

a sight with all the riches can't be sold


The Columbia River or Lake Roosevelt from the damn that changed our old ways to new so that we stay in power, snakes down the vally of old


I sit here to contemplate my anger

but the b...

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Also by New Shoes:

Blood Transfusion | Just A Thought | New Shoes, by the artist formally known as Old Shoes |


entry picture

My insides so dark

You can't see the soul

The light cock back

Darkness takes control


Oh, please don't mind me

I'm just spilling my guts

One line at a time

With no rhythm at all


Questions always pondering

Answers never solving

Promises never fulfilling

A vicious cycle


Closing my eyes to see a spot of hope

To light up my twilight soul

But when...

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Also by Keith Williams:

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(fun fact: im writing this while we're on hangouts but you're talking to your grandma)

you are the reason for my sanity.

you are my everything.

my best friend, my brother, my will to live, my source of happiness.

the more i open up to you

about the inerworkings of my brain

i gain confidence.

the more i share with you 

about my darkest thoughts,

i feel less lonley

cos ...

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Also by m.k.:

sleep deprived teen angst. (aka, sad jumbled b/s i wrote after staying up all night) | bridges. | old habits. new habits. you won't be proud. |

best friendhappinessloveorange


entry picture

Upon being handed

the gun I

choose to recline on wet, springy turf

and then lay down on the

wrinkled blue tarpaulin,

to pepper the air,

Phasianus Colchicus

blurting out the why and the where

and clasping my sweat

at 26 metres.


The older corners are the best

the low-hanging branches,

the leafy hollows, amalgamated bark, bush

and clumps of stone,


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Also by David Blake:

The Roast |


National Poetry Day Event - Eastbourne. Submissions invited

entry picture

 “Freedom: A Search for Meaning”
The Poetry Café On Stage
 27th September 2017 evening
The Under Ground Theatre, Eastbourne

Local poets & poetry performers are invited to submit poems for performance on the theme of “freedom“.

Individual poets may perform for up to 10 min or as a duo/group for 15 min. The programme format (3 x 30 min sections with 2 x 20 min breaks) will be finalised base...

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Mrs May's Farmyard (to the tune of Old McDonald)


Mrs May she had the lead


but wanted BIG majority


With a snap vote here and a shite campaign

Strong and stable falling by the wayside

Mrs May she had the lead



The lead was cut considerably


By turning weak and wobbly


With a no-show here and a u-turn there

Deficient in charisma with a hawk-eyed glare


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Also by Laura Taylor:

Bang Bang (for Karen) |

Lost & Found (And Other Myths)

entry picture

Lost & Found (And Other Myths)


She couldn’t bloody find it

To fund the NHS

She swore that it was mythical

When the schools were in a mess


She claimed it was a commie myth

And we would all be broke

If we continued looking for it

And believed that beardy bloke.


She laughed at those economists

Who said we should fund community

If the country just believ...

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Also by Ian Whiteley:

Dark Tower |

austerityDUP alliancefalse politicsmoney treetheresa may


entry picture

Sidekick since i got my senses,

everytime you dissolve my defences,

always succor me when i need,

you are cognate to good time seed.

Most of the time we raise hell,

without you no day is spent well,

sometimes without reason i yell,

de facto you are my bombshell.

We always remain cheek by jowl,

but why do you often howl?

You are truly man of your word,

everytime you...

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Unfinished Puzzle

Misshaped pieces, fitting together ever so nicely.
Perfecting the picture it is to portray.
Each piece designed to fit together,
To make a beautiful scene.
What happens when one piece doesn’t fit?
What is to become of that picture?
When a piece is missing?
It lies unfinished, untouched, forgotten over time?
Do you ever stop to think of that unfinished puzzle?
Do you ever take the time to ...

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Also by K. Marie:

When the World Sleeps | A Lifetime In A Fortnight |



What I say and how I say it

I hate when people take is the wrong way

I may be a bit dim at times

But please don’t take it wrong when I say these lines

I’m simply a one woman man

I always try the best I can

To please her and make her happy

Yes that’s right in just a bit sappy

I really don’t want to let go

So ill end with this I truly love her so

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Also by phillip noone:

limescale and bacteria | you,yours and I | meal for one |

The Long Slug

Snails have a hard shell

But it’s easily broken

On a thoughtless walk

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I never had a Kagoole
at school.
I thought them 
not very cool.

But now I'm no fool
cos I got one in the hall.
With zips, 
a hood an' all.

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Also by Ralph Dartford:

To Pray |


entry picture


I see you clearly, 
in my muddled mind;
goddess of beauty, 
that I hope to find

So seductively,
 bathing by the beach
 far apart are we, 
 but not out of reach. 

I hear your heartbeat
As clear as the waves, 
Like angels retreat
Passing over graves

Beauty from you grows
In my heart and soul;
It blooms like a rose 
Then swallows me whole


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Also by Phillip Kelly:


Honey sweet honey

Honey sweet honey,
I see you in my dreams, dear sweet honey.
Good to see you're still jolly,
I can hear you at night my dear dolly...
You still got that melody kicking in dearie,
I can still feel it through you darling.
Got those big brown eyes dashing...
honey sweet honey,
Would you be mine tonight sweet pie?
Do not worry about anything for some time,
I got you covered in my soul tonigh...

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Also by G.N.D.:

We've met before | Nights are cold | Somewhere between places | A garden inside of me | An archer of the woods |


The Joy of Sharing Reading

entry picture

A special time with my mother

A time to have an adventure to fantastical places

Meet friends in wonderful places

An imagination roller coaster ride each night


A special time with my daughter

A time to give back and revisit childhood memories

Reconnect with old friends

Take another ride on a great reading roller coaster


Reading can take us to Sendak's monstrous isl...

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No words x (6/01/2009)

Buzz number six on the intercom 
"Beep, beep, beep"- and there you'd be 
With a smile and open arms, waiting for me. 
Your home was my escape, my favourite place 
It was the very place that I knew I was safe 
It was there I went, when I had a hard day at school 
Or when I'd had another playground fall 

Everyones Grandparents died, It was always sad 
"My Nan wi...

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Also by T x:

Just Because. x |

এক ধরণের সমকালীন কবিতা

entry picture

মানুষের আশেপিঠে নেমে আসা তারার দিনের পোকা

ছিড়ে দাও শ্যামাফুল

বিজলিকে কবুল-

ঘুমের ভেতর ভোতা ছুড়ি হাতে পায়চারী করা খিটখিটে মনোলোভাতুর

আঁচল খুঁজতে ফালি আর ফালি খুবলায় নিজেরে মগজ-বুক

সে যেন্ না পায় টের

সাবধানে তোমার ঝিঁঝিঁর টোকাটি দাও

ফের যাও দুষ্পাঠ্য গোপন
সন্ধ্যার সাগর

কোন শুকনা হাসির দেশে গিয়া না আবার কবে মর

জন অরণ্যের এরম সাফারিপার্কে তবু অলক্ষে প্রাণে
নেমে আসো..


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