(fun fact: im writing this while we're on hangouts but you're talking to your grandma)

you are the reason for my sanity.

you are my everything.

my best friend, my brother, my will to live, my source of happiness.

the more i open up to you

about the inerworkings of my brain

i gain confidence.

the more i share with you 

about my darkest thoughts,

i feel less lonley

cos you've been there, too.

to me, you're like the night sky

beautiful in every sense of the word


and dispite how much i already know about you

i want to know more.

i love you skyler,

more than you could ever understand. 

i adore you for everything you are

all the good, all the bad, all the cringey

i hope you care about me, too. 

although we've said it a million times,

i still convince myself you don't need me

or love me.

thank you

for supporting me

and tolerating me

and putting up with me

and caring about me.

i hope you know that even though i come off like a jerk,

i need you more than anything

and i support every dream and goal and wish you have

and im here for the long haul.

you're pretty rad, dweeb.

best friendhappinessloveorange

◄ sleep deprived teen angst. (aka, sad jumbled b/s i wrote after staying up all night)

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