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Feminism: A talk about it

Most of the male chauvinist members of society may assume this blog post is about how feminism is better at improving society and how it is the savior of the society. This blog post is not to discuss advantages and disadvantages of feminism, but it is to introspect on whether it is effective enough or more than effective.

Feminism is quite a challenging word for those male chauvinist people as they are unable to decipher the purpose of it. Often such people believe that men are better bargain than women. Such people come in many types but out of this semi-neutral and full offensive are the major and distinct types of people. Semi-neutral type of people often support feminism but fear that it is or has been overdone. Such type of people are plenty in number and provide a rather distributed vote on whether feminism is good or bad. Then comes the full offensive type of people who are completely oblivious of their stance in this issue. They believe men are superior and think feminism is rather obnoxious trend among women who can't handle being women.Such type of people are rare but not uncommon. After all, someone said every person's mind is different.

Coming to the topic, feminism is just fine. It is neither aggressive nor passive in it's form. Some of you, my readers, might have seen women speaking for a matter so small. But they are absolutely right because we must know that every such minute incidents make the overall image of women in a society and those women speaking up are actually balancing the gender biased thoughts in our head. Consider those women as equalizers, who equalize the situation, highlighting the difference in treatment, abusive or mind numbing fake compliments that go perfectly with stereotypes. The point is that, the stereotypes that are set over ages are the real reason behind difference and gender biases. And women of this age are breaking each and every stereotype.

In a comical point of view, some one said:
Give me 100 men and I can change the country in 50 years. But give me 10 women and I will change the country in 10 years.

This is true up to some extent but in general opinion women can handle stress and pain in a more sophisticated and professional manner than men. Besides they are just equal to men, except that their roles and their duties are defined(and controlled as well) by men and the society, while the roles and duties of men are defined by society and controlled by none.

I would rather not conclude this topic because it is quite ambitious to conclude that Feminism is good, while the society looks down upon them. It would also be foolish to conclude that Feminism is bad, while ethically casting our better halves into a stereotypical mockery. Hence it is safe to admit that Feminism is just OK, it is neither bad nor good.


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