Election Time again

Election Time again


A Jaguar outside graced our road

where my Nan had her abode

The Tory Candidate did then knock

and my Nan let loose the door lock


Are you coming to vote today

in his finery he had come to say

My Nan replied yes but a little later

as she would first like to read the paper


A Ford Cortina pulled up outside

the Labour Candidate said come for a ride

My Nan put on her hat and coat

as she was now ready to go and vote


I went with her curious as to see

what in the end her vote would be

The Labour Candidate then took us home

and back indoors we were quite alone


In a puzzled voice I asked who she supported

to which she smiled and quickly retorted

Conservative of course my dear grandson

as Labour always promise the sun

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Fri 2nd Jun 2017 18:04

Keith-give your Nan a respectable BOO! from us ferreting-bath coal filling Labourians.

we love the poem and god love her!

P&S xx

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