Hold onto Power

Hold onto Power


Up until the final daunting hour

dictators will hold on to their vestige of power

It is only around the next bend

when they will meet their deserved end


Before they are ready to go

what they reaped they will sow

Their legacy is the result of evil

and those left suffer only upheaval


They have sat for long in their Ivory Tower

ruling with ferocity and clinging to power

Every dog has its day or so they say

when their people rise and do them slay


The culprits who support the despot

are a corrupt and cunning lot

They too will go down the slippery slope 

and hopefully end up on the end of a rope


Those who survive, the victims of crime

go in search of a new world sublime

But for those who have cursed their land

with their accomplices go and be eternally damned

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keith jeffries

Sat 17th Jun 2017 21:24

Kevin, Thank you for your comment. Yes I did have someone in mind namely Bashir Assad who would be at the top of a long list. Thanks again. Keith

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kJ Walker

Sat 17th Jun 2017 19:36

a bit strong, to say the least. did you have anyone in particular in mind, or was it a case of 'if the cap fits'

cheers Kevin

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