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Lost & Found (And Other Myths)

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Lost & Found (And Other Myths)


She couldn’t bloody find it

To fund the NHS

She swore that it was mythical

When the schools were in a mess


She claimed it was a commie myth

And we would all be broke

If we continued looking for it

And believed that beardy bloke.


She laughed at those economists

Who said we should fund community

If the country just believed

We could end austerity


But she said that it was nonsense

To believe in social hope

Just a bear not shitting in the woods

Or a catholic not being the pope


And some of you believed her

And got her in to number ten

And some of you didn’t

So we may have to vote again


But whichever way you voted

I think you’ll all agree

It’s an unprecedented miracle

Theresa’s found the money tree


It was hidden in a wheat field

Down Dee You Pee Lane

And the old girl’s quite happy

As she brushes off the grain


So if you’re poor and needy

It’s no use having a look

Cos the PM’s found the money tree

And doesn’t give a fuck


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patricia Hughes

Mon 26th Jun 2017 20:09


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Laura Taylor

Mon 26th Jun 2017 15:55

*high fives Ian*


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