Another Place

Another Place


I long to be in another place

away from this barren and arid space

Somewhere quiet and very remote

where the music plays a different note

Times of solitude I would relish

but occasionally a lover to cherish

This must sound like the absolute ideal

yet we all know it is wholly unreal


In this world of excess and stress

we live for moments to touch and caress

To abandon the fatigue and routine of life

with all its incumbent daily strife

Solitude, remote a place to care less

an opportunity for life to re assess

To hold another in a close embrace

a thousand years from this frenetic race


An imagined idyll in another clime

where nature is free to exist and rhyme

A scene of blessed tranquiity and welcomed calm

a place filled with a healing balm

This other place will be owned by love

its name and beauty given from above

There with one´s heart´s desire

will be my soul be set on fire

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<Deleted User> (13762)

Thu 15th Jun 2017 08:23

Keith, you have put into words what I suspect a lot of us feel right now. The relentlessness of bad news stories makes me want to disappear to somewhere you describe but in reality it probs doesn't exist. The grass is rarely greener etc.

Nice one. Col.

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