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Dark Tower

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Dark Tower


Like something from a gothic horror

This is not the way it’s meant to be

Pain and hurt crumbling from unsafe structures

And falling on the governments neglect

Because they’re poor

Because they’re vulnerable

Because they’re ‘not like us’


Souls lost to the flames

That crawled over short cuts

Or worse – over incompetence

Licked around the money makers

Lapped around the moneyless

Burnt to ash the infamous money-tree

That some would label a fantasy


Well here’s your reality

Here’s your austerity

Right here next to your banks

Your big business your money men

Here are your charred policies

Falling from the sky like black snow

Covering the graves of children


Here are your broken promises

Little more than embers

And there slumps a fireman

With haunted eyes and charcoal face

And there rages a man

Who cannot find his family

And here come the empty platitudes


Ignored warnings

Because tomorrow is another day

Because the worse couldn’t happen

Not on our watch

Not from our pockets

Not in any nightmare

Forged in the furnace of despair


Come with me

To the dark tower

Where lives are lost

Where anger reigns

Where hope is burnt

Like so many contracts

Written in blood

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