Justice & Peace

Justice & Peace


Calamity and tragedy co exist

with the ageist, racist and the sexist

Everyone with an axe to grind

and don´t care what others mind


Self centeredness and selfishness

no one really does care less

there are those who champion a futile cause

whilst others stockpile and prepare for war


Money and power motivates so many

as others keep and count every penny

Neglect and abuse go hand in hand

as violence and fear stalk every land


Is there a better and more meaningful way?

yet people don´t seem to want to say

Those with power manipulate the mob

and in so doing can legally rob


We need to take stock of our humanity

and reject the tyranny of insanity

In the past there were many revolutions

but these provided only temporary solutions


A recognition of our commonality

is a way to accept our reality

To reject all that has gone before

and declare that there will be no more


A new dawn will soon emerge

one which will empower a vital surge

An order will be established to set us free

letting us all be really you and me


Justice and Peace will come to pass

reaching all the points of the compass

Ideologies and religions will no longer hold sway

in a new bright and liberated day


In order to cope we need this hope

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keith jeffries

Thu 15th Jun 2017 22:50

Good Evening M.C. I have always been inspired by the words of Alexander Pope that Hope springs eternal in the human breast. If I thought for one moment that hate springs eternal then I think I would leave home this instant and throw myself under the first large oncoming vehicle and end it all. Thank you for your considered comment. Keith

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 15th Jun 2017 18:04

And hope springs eternal!
Sadly, the human condition has hardly advanced in terms
of either cooperation or competition, with the two
constantly at odds in a ceaseless conflict of interest.
For every sensible and considered opinion on any topic,
there will be an ill-informed rush to criticism driven by
immaturity and inadequate education. Perhaps "hate
springs eternal" is the more relevant comment on the world
today, despite the huge advances in benefits to the health
and wellbeing of human existence obtained by the
selfless (or even selfish!) efforts of a relative few brilliant
and inventive souls among the teeming masses from
whom recognition or gratitude are rare indeed.

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