The Wind

The Wind


From where does it come

to where does it go?

From where does this energy flow?

a gentle breeze to cool the day

can scatter everything in its way

With a sudden violent gust 

it whips up all the dirt and dust

Then it meanders and swirls

and about turns and twirls

Sometimes a powerful and destructive force

but from where is its limitless source?

When it has travelled along its way

does it go somewhere to stay?

It seems to have a mind of its own

blowing wherever it likes to roam

It cannot be touched or seen

but one can see where it has been

It is often warm or cold

but never does what it is told

Breathing and whispering night and day

it is forever at work and play

Sounds of it rustle through the trees

and blow about the scattered leaves

It charts the direction of rising smoke

and orders such by a simple stroke

From where does it come

to where does it go?

Does anyone seem to know?

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Seán Maguire

Tue 13th Jun 2017 01:38

I took a wee trip to a Spain whilst reading this poem. It reminded me many holiday times, simple things like enjoying the comfort of breezes.

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keith jeffries

Sat 10th Jun 2017 09:55

Kevin & Colin, Thank you for comments and points which have been taken. This is why I became a member of WoL. Prunes are good too. Thanks. Keith

<Deleted User> (13762)

Sat 10th Jun 2017 09:16

to expand on Kevin's suggestion, maybe dividing this into 3 or 4 verses each beginning with those first two lines. Your poems Keith often take this one block pattern but would perhaps be enhanced by a bit of verse division.

good idea for a poem and no, I don't know - but beans and cabbage tend to help! ?

all the best

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kJ Walker

Sat 10th Jun 2017 07:37

I really did like this one.
If you don't mind a suggestion from a total novice- you repeated the first two lines at the end. It MAY have worked it you also repeated them throughout. Maybe not, just an idea.
Cheers Kevin

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