'Mates Rate'

Tory policy, sell off parts of our State.
Served up cheap on a Tory blue plate.
While so many backs are to the wall.
The Tories profit as most wages fall.

Land, Companies, even Plasma too.
What won't they offer to a Tory queue?
If to the Tory party you kindly donate.
A bargain could be yours at 'mates rate'

Our NHS service will continue to shrink.
Chunks coldly signed off in blood red ink.
Tories blatantly only care for their own.
The most out of touch party ever known.

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 24th Jun 2017 18:11

I'm curious that there's this assertion that "Tories
blatantly only care for their own".
Pride and prejudice exist across the political spectrum
and one omniprescent oxymoron is the openminded liberal.

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