Love making

Wedding bells chime, the ceremony is over 
Rice rises as we make haste down the aisle
been waiting for this day more than a little while 
the day that I am able to fully embrace my lover

bad company asked me what's the point in waiting?
while they were having sex, our love was in the
an intercourse of the mind and soul as we Christian mingled 
minus the worldwide web but we still connected at hot spots 
on date nights that ended when the sun came up in all its glory. 

Sure, people 'bang
dey mouth can't done' as we say 
but we knew ourselves and the God to whom we pray 
He is our witness, and we are his faithful followers
that's why I vowed to cherish and protect you, my flower

Wedding bells chime, the ceremony is over, 
but the road stretches before us beautifully undulating
and as we traverse the ups, downs, and turns of this path
we will delight in the pleasure of erotic romance but remember 
that it is only a small portion of the love that we are constantly making 


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Juan Pablo Lynch

Wed 28th Jun 2017 01:14

Thanks Colin. Your comment made me laugh. It also inspired me to try to write a poem in my local dialect. I live in a small Caribbean island where non-standard English is the norm but I try not to speak it that often. Unfortunately, I think that the local dialect is the reason why I am not very good in grammar.

<Deleted User> (13762)

Sun 25th Jun 2017 08:55

well said Juan, a good counter to our sex obsessed world.

I misread the second line as 'Price rises' and wondered for a moment if you were getting married in a supermarket! Silly me. But the thought of the newlyweds walking down the supermarket aisle and the husband being distracted by price rises made me giggle.

I liked the inclusion of local dialect and wondered could you do us a whole poem like that?

all the best,

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