Men and women occasionally arrive

as we are unaware of their approach

Their appearance belies their identity

an automatic bond is soon established

A relationship which is not tangible

or at best inexplicable

It lies in a deep unspoken place

which emits echoes into a mutual space


A bond, a link, maybe a touch

words then gestures do soon affirm

These are few and to be cherished

in a way they are sent to us

A transmission of ideas and thoughts

pass to and fro, quick, silent and taught

Trust gains sure and solid ground

with a rich harmonious sound


I came across one such fellow

the other day as I idled my time away

There was no mood or feeling of expectancy

as this figure possessed only himself

Once introduced we avidly spoke

and felt the scope as barriers broke

We were atuned to the same wavelength

as we determined the others real strength


An intellect of telepathic quality

a compassion of immense wealth

Mutual acceptance and understanding

common ground on which to build

These souls are priceless indeed

and by the world are in great need

They arrive with no panoply of acclaim

seldom do they seek to blame


They advance and promote simple understanding

with the finely tuned tools of wisdom

Personal gain is beyond their need

most are philanthropists of great heart

They are deeply concerned with humanity

searching the avenues for some sense of sanity

Integrity and peace are their weapons of courage

whilst the world is given only to ravage


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keith jeffries

Wed 14th Jun 2017 09:57

Hello Colin & Martin,
Thank you for commenting on the poem Wavelength. I had some misgivings when writing it as I only used the last four lines of each stanza to rhyme. Had I not done this I would have found real difficulty in finding appropriate words to fit. Are we obliged in some way to conform to a set pattern when composing poetry or can we simply write as inspired and only adapt when we feel it is appropriate or necessary? Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks again,. Keith

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Martin Elder

Tue 13th Jun 2017 23:29

You are in full flow here Keith. this has a nice pace and rhythm to it.
Nice one

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