Motorbike and Sidecar

Motorbike and Sidecar


Before we could afford to buy a car

we seldom travelled very far

The motorbike and sidecar was for us

a darn sight cheaper than the bus

It was cold, noisy, windy and wet

but it was all my father could get

My mother sat in the front

as I was wedged in like a runt

My father wore an army coat and goggles

to this day the whole mind boggles

We had blankets and flasks of tea

and stopped occasionally for a pee

I hated every minute of it

especially where I had to sit

It was akin to travelling in a tin

or some bloody mobile dustbin

There was no light by which to read

and I could not make known any need

It bounced about and bellowed fumes

and all I wanted was more room

When the car eventually came

travel was never to be quite the same

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kJ Walker

Tue 6th Jun 2017 07:09

Thanks for posting Keith. I really enjoyed this one. I could just imagine you all squashed into it.

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