Bang Bang (for Karen)


Her poem punched holes in the blind-eyed walls,

made beats with her teeth

and bullets with her tongue.

Bang bang went her gun

made of eloquent rage

as she kicked out ire on a war-torn page.


She drank deep of electricity,

crackling ferocity;

there is no mediocrity in her world's eye.

Now her fire feeds mine

and our minds come alive

and we rise like lions after slumber.




(written for Karen Ankers, after reading this magnificent poem by her


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Laura Taylor

Sun 25th Jun 2017 12:26

Cheers David 😃

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Wolfgar Miere

Fri 23rd Jun 2017 20:44

A great poem born of a great poem, why WoL works...right here.


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Laura Taylor

Fri 23rd Jun 2017 15:53

Thanks Becky 😃

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Becky Sowray

Fri 23rd Jun 2017 12:55

I think I love your poems best for the fact they do stick the knife in 😃 - relentless energy directed precisely.

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Laura Taylor

Fri 23rd Jun 2017 11:34

Glad you like it Karen 😃

Thanks Raj - yes - and I love that words can do that 😃

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Raj Ferds

Fri 23rd Jun 2017 11:15

I love the intensity and wildness of this offering Laura.
And the shared values of course. Sometimes issues snow ball, creating a kind of collective consciousness that gets more power as it spread.


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Karen Ankers

Fri 23rd Jun 2017 10:00

Thanks so much Laura! Great poem! Love "blind-eyed walls".

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