The Steamroller

The Steamroller


When I retired from working life

I climbed aboard a huge steamroller

a vehicle which I had never before driven

At first fearful of its size and power

I engaged the lowest gear

Steadily forward I did drive

with each mile confidence grew

Why might one ask such an enterprise

when most who are retired don´t want to drive


My steamroller had waited many years

gathering dust and never used

Bicycles, cars, buses and trains

had been my mode of transport

where others wrote the rules and I paid the bills

My steamroller had sat in the garage under wraps

waiting for its engine to begin to play

and now had arrived liberation day


I climbed aboard with no luggage

there was no ultimate destination in sight

It was going to be a delicious joy ride

to please my oppressed desire to recklessly drive

I disregarded all the road signs

smiled benignly at those who shook their fists

bumped into parked vehicles

and knocked the corners off several buildings


I had no regard or thought of being arrested

and did not give a damn for any of the consequences

I was free and on the open road of life

no longer bound by rules and party strife

I gathered speed and whistled with glee

bounced off pavements and grazed a tree

I enjoyed driving in the open air

and did not one iota care

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Rose Casserley

Tue 13th Jun 2017 15:48

definitely a poem that doesn't fall flat unless you run over it by accident Keith.

and,IMHO,time to reach for me coat!

Rose ?

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kJ Walker

Tue 13th Jun 2017 07:27

You didn't happen to 'accidentally' crush a motorbike and sidecar did you. Nice one Keith I could just picture you.

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