The Brain of a Killer

Vast and barren
Nothing in sight 
But a black flag
Waving in the night.

Whats in the brain
Of a killer?
A senseless repetition-
Why is blood spilled on her? 

Theres no invitation
Upon the greener grass,
Because of them, it's red.
Go home. Hold your wine-glass,

Go eat food, shit, and sleep.
Try to remember what others now can't,
To be alive, to breathe.
Since you have stolen th...

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A Sort of Remembering

Gloomy, rain-heavy clouds 
Are attractive; 
In meloncolic moods
Where old constellations
Of memories and people
Loom like foggy ghosts. 

And then wind 
Draws over the hills
Quickly, quietly. 

It is damp
And the fever 
Of dawn is null.

Sharp breath in,
And the mist peirces
A blood-red veil
Of flesh and cave;
Then release,
And the gum braised
Air returns to 

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I always write about gloom and fogwhy


Oh dusty wrinkled fabric,
You are old and tattered, your
Shadows crack mountain-tops
And your stains shout stories of
Love, lust, and teardrops.

Why does nobody wash you?
You lie there amongst rubble
Forgotten and unlovable,
And the stitches that held you up
Now fall in piles unrecoverable.

I understand you now, buried quilt. 
To be left alone, to witness 
Time move ahead without y...

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I Failed, Miserably

I now feel the 
    of creativity
     with the lonesomeness 
      of orginality.

A duality of stunted growth
Which deems me imperfect 
               like you.

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im sorry

The Poetic Death

The grief of a madwoman 
Serenades us, "dead, dead, dead!". 
She cries, "My sweet smelling buds 
Were ripped from my marriage bed". 

Her lament keeps all awake, 
Even the deceased, whose skulls 
Lay in grass and stones that crack 
Above their feet. Useless lull! 

Is her madness her own fault? 
Was it beguiled by hate? 
Was it by the hand of man, 
Or drawn from the pen of fate?  


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I Love, I Am, I Feel

I love

The forgetfulness that comes from
Speed-floating towards nothing near
The quaint line of yellow to blue;
Rippling with the current that flops
My lop side boat; tops and turvey.


I am

Swallowed by the sea of blue/green,

I feel


My scraggly strands tightly knitting
Themselves in knots of two and three,
The sun crawling slow on pink flesh,
And salty crisp; c...

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Green Biscuits

Give me your money.

Honey scratch,
Green biscuit,

Shove it,
Sack it
to my hands.

Dances 'round it.
Deny that,
Youre wrong. 

At night,
It creeps
Out of reach
From the weak.

In the same 
Creeping night,
It pleasures
The strong.

Does money buy happiness?
Or do you?







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Blank Feeling

Missing from the scene,
Lost and fearing
That I am a 
Blotch of white,
Never to appear.
A coy spot
Near the edges
Rusty green
All around me
But not in between. 
Not between.



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Thunder's Compass

I promise,

The boat will gulp 
And swallow its storms.
But other times, it will sink
After its sails have been torn. 


A sea-swollow swell 
Lingers not long.
Thunder lives amongst trouble waters
Until its sung its last song. 


Someone will sail alongside you,
To dry off your bones.
They will thrill and thread your sunken
Fabric, they will take you back home. 


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Raw Meat

Your hip may jerk 
a little,
And with the ribs,
a blue bruise.
Your stomach fights
When you eat raw,
uncooked meat.
Worst of all is
not really
Physical, but
the mental,
It bleeds more than
picking scabs.

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Fresh Bread at the Beach

Sand tiptoes close to cold water,
Inching away from my buried 
Feet; two little fresh loaves of bread.
When the minature rocks get near, 
The lapping waves kiss them first.
The sound is serine like dew
Welling up inside rain gutters.
Each lap begs my eyes to shut
So I can feel the beating sun
Slowing down time to cook me.


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Later, I Promise

When the lonesome hour strikes
The world comes to a standstill
And no one will protect you.
Your dainty memory wakes,
Howling into the dim night
To communicate desires
Of toil, contempt, and regret. 

What was yesterdays mistake
Is now right in front of you.
Taunting with each step and breath
To sink its sharp gruesome teeth
Into your small fragile mind.
It says, "deal with this right...

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Blossom, My Garden

The mundane of a rainy,
Foggy, wet(drenched) summer's eve
Is beautifully shrouded 
Away by colorful warmth 
From a light, floral curtain.
  Its rippling
     to perch near 
  its branches.

The frail drape of the curtain...

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Mind Murmur

Stomp, crack, cut the fingers down  

Like a tree timbering loud  

To drown the deafening sound  

Of distorted reasoning.  

The pull-patter of lying  

That battles inside the mind  

Of "you would's" and "you wouldn't's".  

These brash, too-nosy thinkings   

Will cover (with callous cloud) 

Your attractive Sandman dreams.  

They will tuck in a snug clump  

Next to yo...

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Mellow Glow

From the flames, a quaint shimmer
Of pearly honey dewdrops
Surge along a cheek like a
Mosaic of glistening marsh-
Mellow; crisp and golden for
Hungry hearts. Crackle and wit
Smoulders in the midnight air,
A frog burps near the green bog
Amongst the buzz of light bugs,
And the hiccup of broken
Sticks alert curious kids.
Before dawn wakes up again,
The campfire eyes close in glow
As adv...

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Study Abroad

Come December I will travel
To a bucolic and shy place.
Amongst leisure and peer babel,
Oblivion will waltz with grace.

It will inform time in great haste
And leave my chestnut hair windswept
By train hum, street lamps, and the taste
Of wine brick held up by neglect.

These moments will soon carry dust,
Tucked away in a box for years,
Until my kids smell attic musk
Asking, "Mom, is H...

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The Continuous Nothing

Bone stripped subconsciousness involves
Fleeting memories, thrown stones and
Stillborn teeth that struggle to sprout
And whisp away in second thought.
Return to the continuous nothing.


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Frozen Time

I would put the world 
In a vast freezer
To halt the heat of
What their next action
Could have included.
I would throw them in
If it meant the ones
Who are creating 
The lava that pours 
On every dry soul
Were frozen in time.
It would soothe my mind
Serving to sweep sweat
Like pre-used towels.
These towels were used
On the faces of
Terrorist plotting,
Hunger, oppression,
All thin...

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Redundant Delight

Once recreation
Fell short from terror,
Never would I touch 
That substance again.
In memory of
My lead limbs, lugging
On carpet (that felt 
Like gold), slinging slow,
One after the next.
My hand reached for
Something malleable
To help me along.
My body burdened
Itself fluidly
Through a tunnel of
Colors: Blueen and
Purpello. I was
High as I could be:
Eyes rolling i...

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Penumbra in the Deep Night

Hear the stir of
an impatient
love atheist.

He once obtained
faith in lovers.
Until he broke
himself during 
his decent to
hellish waters.

It presented
itself proudly
in velvet-blue which
passed the offing.

There, lilt was gruff,
tortured, libelous.

was the fury
that he had felt.

-But he had known
that the feeling
was not fleeting.

For it was long
and g...

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In Risk of Offense

Slice a wire from brain to lips

Rather than speaking your mind.

Hide it wide and far away

From ones who blister to be blind.


Cutting the connection is better

Than offending someone upfront.

So do it silently or all alone,

Do not risk being blunt.


Tears may fall or even worse,

An opinion may just break!

Dreams could even be shattered,

Come on! Feelings are...

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Burnt Bread: A Reminder

Sugar crisp as summer nights

Scorched and hardened bread.

Forgotten, frightened, full of spite,

A burning mistake in my head.


No one was able to put it out

As the flame grew higher;

Not as simple as burnt bread,

It involved human bodies on fire.


I breathed in black carcinogens

From the burning butter.

A towel wouldn't've been useful to them,

The thought m...

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Thick Roots

Highland wind touched her roots

Thick hazel

Smells of danish

Sweet Gaelic dew

Reminiscent of ancestry

Name sharp as thorns

Accent flattened by foreign tongue

And reversed by a dram 

Of high grade whiskey.

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Breathe Me In

You breathe my manic in without a sound.

Even if I have already fallen; 

My limbs splattered like art on the ground.

But as you clean me up, mix suds in my head,

The water caresses my thighs.

The bathtub is not red this time.

It is clear and filled with hope

That someday I won't lie to you when "I'm fine".

I hurt myself with words that wound

My arms like sharp blades o...

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Recklessly sluggish
After sleepless dusk
An open eye survivor
Struggles to wake up.
She sweeps the air,
Fingertips stretched or
As far as her muscles
Let her catch the
Wondering wool sheep.
Tension fills her peak
Until the release, then
She slumps and grumbles
Into her abused chair;
Melting once again
Into today's tedious affair.

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Ride the Bean

The process of mug to lips;

Quick rush hits in minutes.

Beans in disguise for tea the

Calm before tyranny of

Liquid speed that boils blood 

And foams bubbles in a black blur.

Then anxious jitters that linger

Long after the high quits while

You're in the dark and the ship tips

Sunken deep in a coffee bean abyss

Swimming up to the next cup

To ride the next high that ...

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Foggy Day

The way a willow waltzes in the breeze

Is what I think about to put me at ease:

With you laying underneath all of the leaves,

While they flow in sync with all the other trees.

This thought orbits around inside my mind

And hums sweet lullabies to drown the bad times,

But when you are near it all fades away,

To become reality through a foggy day.

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I wrote this in tears

Once loved rosy cheek
That lied lovingly along your back
Is now cold and cracked
Unable to connect with the love
That we once had

I am distant and you are too
My tears overlap with one another
You drop on your pillow
Dreams quake in an instant whereas

I am alone in my head with the stars
Disaligned falling apart and misrhymed
The couch has been my comfort for this hour 
Has told me...

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Sweet Extraction

Little blood suckling,

My thumb is plump and red.

You have prevented it from clotting and

Choking the itch out from your sting.


Was there anyone else to suck?

No. Only I, who has been struck 

By your hellish juice pump that

Burrowed and pulsated under my skin.


I know why you left the swarm for my

Sweet extraction: it was your fantasy.

You nippers are all the...

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See These Flowers

To gouge his eyes at birth, 

would have been easier

-than to let him see Lupins

grow tall in July;

to see the curve of purple 

petals shake in the wind

or snow dripping off 

of terracotta slates.

To end his sight

 (before these pleasures)

   would have been easier.

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Violent Verdict

Thunder claps the skies
Whips killing flies
Silence steps for seconds
Then another angel dies

Above the seas brother
Tires burn rubber
Until a violent verdict for its victim
Has sent ripples in society's system.


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Tender Mild

Avoidance is my strength, talk makes me weak.
When I form words, my energy depletes 
And only refills when I have fleeted
From impossible bonds not for the meek.

A gathering of people viewed as darts,
puncture my confidence like it's the target.
My eye hides while I try to bargain it;
Poisoned at birth, not as I departed.

When I am alone my bones are brittle.
No pleasing the poison by...

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Pathetically Drawn

Drawn little kite
Fly no where
Stuck on a page
White one, bare.

Lead infused kite
Why can't you move?
Is it hard bein' still?
Who made you, who?

Half erased kite
I can end your misery
By turning a pencil upside-down,
Little kite, be free!

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Pitter Pat Cat

Her paws and milk are easily mistaken.
Soon, a pitterpat comes where I'm bakin'.
Her feathery tongue laps the butter up stream,
A "SHOO!" does the trick, too cute to be mean. 

She leaps off the counter to hide elsewhere,
I follow straight to her bed, a soft lair.
Resting my head along her side, my eyes
Apologize, for her dark hair did rise.

Nodding her head she gives my cheek a kiss,

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Blue Silk

Some days I sit and smell the breeze
To forget about the inside and enjoy what isn't me.
My mirror becomes the meadow surrounded by trees
And the knobs on my knees are the roots underneath.

On the days I feel weak, I go to this place
Where the dew of my eyes becomes the rain.
Until it fills in puddles with the sun embraced;
Caught in its reflection, never to come out again.

I wish to b...

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My Single Mother

To fall out of love 
is no quick task.
It is slow, steady, 
and rarely abrupt.

Heartbreak is tension
that stretches its legs to
for the crash.

It's a sluggish





Each particle over time
misses the mold
of what we imagine
as the perfect match.

So we arrive at a crossroads
for each party to be res...

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My Bladder

I have insulted my bladder.
It sulks and spits at me,
testifying through the night.

It is the reason my eyes carry baggage. 
They are over the weight limit yet 
I still commit treason to carry them.

The truth is,
I am given no choice.
My bladder holds me hostage so it can ache when it pleases.

It uses bondage to squeeze my mouth shut.
Sometimes, my bladder takes me outside (which s...

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When Am I Full?

Stretching Journey's legs
Around the corner: downhill
To the fridge, once more

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When is It Full?

Swallow dune of time
Dragging it, dry down your neck
Taking years to fill

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His Before Mine

Two legs can widen concrete cracks 
when pain erupts then builds again.
Like shooting stars down highway veins;
chronic collisions, light wont stain.

Shadows consume rational thoughts,
even lust can't escape the maze.
It's the struggle to wake everyday
on a shore of pain hit by waves.

Doubly dry when the fan won't work,
sweat beads down, no mirage in sight.
No doctor can re-hydrate m...

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Suckle Numple

Bruise me


Fill my orifices 
whip cream

In me a mess
a sin in my holy
i pout

serve it up

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Sour Fingers

I do not feel like rhyming today
Too much black in my body.
I wonder

is he missing from under the bridge?
-because a troll is underneath me.
I think he desires a piece of my flesh:
a stained, abused, rotting piece.

Who gave him a keyboard so he can type with sour fingers,
those fingers who have never touched someone before,
that are attached to eyes who have seen abandonment by
I don...

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Time is Flying

Do birds fly
in pairs of two?
Or do they soar
with themselves star-crossed in blue?

Solitude does not
equal lonely
But sometimes
they need a home to feel cozy.

Our nature is to
bloom with man,
So do we lose ourselves
to stick true to their plan?

Surely we can love ourselves
as much as someone else does
If I could only force the hands of father clock
to the child I once was...


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Red Stain

O, spark which takes and breaks such tender hearts.
That burn abated I ,who fell to you.
Articulation is her deadly art
Used for malice on me: spells to subdue.

Not one speed nor sound could I break away,
Through her charm I am in dire pain.
O, I try and try to sail from her quay:
Her lips that bewitch mine in red doth stain.

Black as ruin her hair does contend.
I exorcise her heart t...

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Twin of Hypnos

Emulsified by a dead end, 
We all meet that dismal friend
Who utilizes a life chronometer 
As a personal carpet sweeper.

Under the rug where life always goes,
With dust and dirt and dreary woes.
The gloom collects high events too, so
Pass it in, it will be soon overdue.

What is that feeling before sleep?
A sort of in between within the deep,
Where nothing is felt or seen
Simply only...

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Collarbones, collarbones, collarbones.
I wish I hadn't known
Of every pretty girl
Whose hair is perfectly curled
Or eyelashes as far as the sun,
I simply wish there were none.

I am not the fairest of them all
My eyes are brown 
And lips too small,
Rather than the girl whose eyes
Make guys fall in the sunrise of
Green, blue and hazel.

I am not as petite as the girl down the street,

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Mum Was Right

We were eight years old.

The beach was bleak and the sand reflected the sky in grey hue.

Emily and I wanted to play

but were told by mum what not to do.


We threw our shoes in the mud.

Sniveling children never listen to their mum

and we found a raft and tied it to a wharf.

We says she can kiss our left bum!


The raft was wooden, square and full of splints

“pain i...

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Beauty x3

From within I saw her beauty grow.

Her beauty in kingdoms doth overthrow

powers so evil

from Hell into cathedral.

Hidden was the beauty she dare not know.

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I Really Shouldn't Eat in the Sand.

In sunshine doses

I furiously eat my pasta

in the sand.

It burns! 

I squirms!

Unable to withdraw it all with my hands.

No luck

says I

as it multiplies;

grain by grain.


what a fucking pain.

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I, The Loon

Moss covers the glossy outline of his pupil
In streams of gold, of hazel, of effervescent orange.
They explode in a drowned current.

I, the loon will dive deep,
catching nothing but scales that shine 
up through the stream from your heart.

The loon is lonely now.
Only when the fish are not there 
to catch, hold, touch...

She knows of where they are 
but not yet how to reel them bac...

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