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Emotional Prostitute

Every heart wants somethings thats harder to get

Like looking for that rainbow in the desert 

Or the dry spot in the rain forest

But no some people are hunters

They prey on your weak emotions while you pray for acceptance

You could stand up for them while they stain your name when your down 

That same stain will be seen around town

Looking for love no im just a corner hoe for a dollar or two

Thats only if you want me to lean on you 

I need a hundred to pay you attention but ill fake love you for free 

Dont worry i know what to say i keep the same script with me 

Your easy i mean look at you low self esteem with high expectations ask me to be better ill knock you down just so you can look up at me now who's better.

Im a difficult problem there is no balance out cause i dont have value 

Since someone took mine young my emotions wont add up and ill just subtract you.

I will still get what i want and solve you 

Make you pay cash for this love or pay in tears for this love 

Its ashame what ive become in such a short time looking for a horizon thats already outta sight 

I love me I hate you 

Me plus you why would i date you just to use you like a quick tool ive connected with many but only for my benifit 

Telling me this type of prostution dont exist? It does i just take time and advantage 

Dont come see me about a STD but youll find depression on me take it deep 

I love selling my soul cause im cheating the system

I'll be your temporary lover ill even bond with your mother 

but i wont be there when you call dont even bother

imma emotional prostitute im not an answer

Just a really got problem

loveconfusionregretbad habits

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Big Sal

Tue 5th Jun 2018 22:54

Powerful beginning and increasingly eye-catching by the ending. Well done, especially like the title.?

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