What can you see?

What is a disability?

Is it there for all to see? 

Do they look a little special,

Or just a bit like me. 

Maybe there is a wheel chair,

Crutches or a splint.

What about the eye patch?

Is there just a little hint?


What about that limp he has?

Or the crooked looking stance?

Some just look so ordinary.

They can even dance.

Some they think imagine it,

disability you can't see,

They must be telling lies.

Their invisibility worries me.


Seeing is believing,

Truth is there to see,

But hiding disability, 

It's a trick you see. 

They can't be ill really,

They fake it every day,

Just to get their benefits;

That what the media say. 


What is discrimination?

Is it there for all to see? 

They believe themselves special

They are nothing like me!

They are safe and healthy.

They are wise and brave, 

They would never be affected. 

Sympathy they never gave. 


They have no empathy,

Get up and get a job,

You need to stop faking,

Go out and get a job. 

They work hard to pay your benefits,

You scrounging so and so.

don't see why they support you

Watching Jeremy Kyle's show. 


BUT you don't have to see it,

There's no label on anxiety,

Bipolar has no flag,

Schizophrenia provides variety.

Personality disorder-

Well really is that a thing?

They can't see a difference? 

Not even a mood swing. 


People have no understanding,

They pretend it isn't there,

They don't understand,

They never say a prayer. 

But if you take a moment,

To think of one in four,

It might affect you one day,

Disability at your door.






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Kay Channon

Tue 22nd Dec 2020 02:21

Thank you so much for this. I felt like you read some of my thoughts when creating this poem. The generalisations, stigma, and the questions people really need to contemplate before opening their months.

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