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Love is not fixed, Shakespeare!

Hi! This is me Mukund Iyer. It has been a long time putting up with a nice blog post. So here I am, giving you a piece of advice of how love is not real in my view.

"Love is not constant. It is a variable in the equation of intersection between individual life and society."

The above line says it all. Love is not real. Now, Shakespeare, one of the most notorious person with a way around English Language said that Love is real and it is fixed like a North star. It is just wrong and human emotions are just expressive ways of how animals react, yet it is considered gentle than the animals growling and purring.

Humans are animals. We just do things differently. You can't expect a small clown fish to swim across several oceans just to migrate(Finding Nemo is not real, it is an animated movie.) Only a whale can do such large distance travel along with some turtles, etc. The point I want to put out is, no matter how different we do things from animals and claim we are gentler, smarter and organized than them, all our motives and actions are inspired by the animal instinct within us. So, loving and mating is just a biological process that every animal undergoes, which includes Mankind as well.

So what is love? Love is a feeling that makes us feel that our crush or "love of life" is suitable to live and procreate with. In simpler terms, Love is a tool and motive is mating. When you show love or affection due to love, you actually convince your "mate" that you will look and take care of him/her and not just procreate and live life of your own. When you show that you will forego their silly mistakes and rejoice their little accomplishment, you are actually telling your "mate" that "See! I appreciate you. I am a better option from all other male/female competitors. You should choose me and my reproductive factories. I am the best you can get."

Hence Love is a tool for mating. Why do we mate? It is simple. We are animals and we want to handover our life knowledge and hard earnings to the next generation. But why do we want to pass over our acquired knowledge? It is something even scientists are unable to answer. If we adopt a child and he learns things from us, we are ethically still ahead of the game. But it is a rat race. A race to get your mate and have your children. It doesn't matter whether you have kids to pass your knowledge over, you need to have a wife because the neighbor Jack has wife(I don't know why Apes and Humans are so much into sex), he is considered a sane, family guy and a person that society will accept.

Hence, It all boils down to society. The society wants settled, sane and a family guy. They don't want testosterone filled, raging man going around in the society. Just like the Herd of Elephants. Elephants follow a Matriarchal society instead. They throw out teenage male elephants from the herd and expect them to grow up, fight and find a suitable mate. Who knows what harms he may do to the society in search of excitement and fulfillment? So, a man must be married, so that he can be taxed with responsibilities, duties and an idea of fulfilled life, in order to stop his testosterone filled rage.

Hence Love is a safety mechanism to keep society safe and also help individuals find a mate for mating and handing over life experiences. Because Knowledge is indivisible and cannot be destroyed. So, Love differs from society to society, gender to gender and situation to situation. Love is not constant. It is a variable in the equation of intersection between individual life and society.

How about motherly love, the warmth of mother's affection? How come that is not fixed? It is fixed. And it is simple to explain. Consider the 2000's when Rajnikant had die hard followers. Many of us in Tamilnadu know that getting a first day, first show was the most difficult thing to get for Rajnikant's movie. Now, you have planned taking the first seat in the first show of the first day. You started in the early morning. There was no internet booking so you had to go to the theatre and book there. You stood there in morning 8 am. People are rowdy and cheerful. Imagine then going nuts over the poster of the movie. Roads are blocked, people are literally dancing on streets for the movie to release on that day. Fervor has a new, profound meaning. After all hassle and tussle, you get the ticket for the first show of the first day. Now, will you just keep it as is or will you take good care of it till 10 am? You wouldn't even let people know that you have a ticket. You would be extremely protective. The same applies to any mother who has begotten a child. They will be protective and nurture it with everything possible because they struggled ten times more than getting that movie ticket. Perhaps even more risk than the stunts performed in that movie. So, mother's love is a variable of struggle involved in begetting the child. No struggle, less or no love. There may be exceptions though in this case but world is full of exceptions.

So, Love is not real. It varies. It can vanish, it can be a lie and it can be anything as per the situation.

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Mukund Iyer

Sat 1st Jul 2017 06:55

I do admire your observation skills and would heartily accept your views on this topic. For all I wanted from this shabby, little post of mine was to assure myself that it was indeed a shabby, little and worthless literature that would someday catch the attention of some observing man, who would make a comment on it while playing with words wittily.

IT's a blog entry and the title is a was a bait to lure people into reading. Now I understand why people are famous on Youtube. Probably because of such a WONDERFUL and INTELLIGENT audience.? No offense.

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