A Different War

A Different War


When the Germans attacked London City

they did so without an ounce of pity

Hundreds of bombers came every night

with our guns putting up a damned good fight

The population went for cover underground

as the bombs and guns made their awful sound

When the raiders returned to their home

the people struggled through the wreckage searching for their own

It was a full scale war which was openly fought

with the ability for those bombed to openly retort


Today the bombers come day or night

concealed and hidden out of sight

These are people to whom we gave hospitality

and years of boundless generosity

They repay us with a merciless cause

and every now and then we have to pause

to bury our neighbours whom they have slaughtered

in my opinion they should be hung, drawn and quartered

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Michaela Sheldon

Wed 7th Jun 2017 20:21


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