The Formative Years

The Formative Years


Those early days were precious indeed

although I was unaware of this

I was inquisitive and observant

with an analytical and retentive memory

I possessed an open mind from the outset

and nurtured this against prejudice

I listened and watched with interest

and in particular to older voices

These from experience transmitted their wisdom

from which I avidly acquired knowledge and learned

I always looked beyond the horizon

formulating internal questions

I remained more often than not silent

I dismissed as nonsense the fashions of the time

With an enquiring mind I probed

to discover music, literature and the philosophies of life

My conclusions and decisions became my own

Individuality was borne within me

Along this path of development I 

was privileged to be directed and influenced

I paid the fullest attention and read voraciously

I wasted no time at all

especially with trivia

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<Deleted User> (13762)

Fri 16th Jun 2017 08:27

I'm not sure this is so much a poem as a paragraph from a 19th century French novel by Emile Zola, Balzac or Maupassant and for that reason I absolutely love it. Bung in some punctuation, a few troubled characters, a plot twist and Zut Alors! a short story will be born.

you do realise that I am setting this as homework for the weekend Keith ? Good luck, Col.

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