Two Voices

Two Voices


We are together and united

We stand shoulder to shoulder

They will not divide us

We will fight hate with love

They will not take away our freedom

or our way of life

This is an assault on our Democracy

Doves are let loose in flocks

People light candles

Floral tribues are laid

Communities come together with one voice

the voice of love, tolerance and resilience.


Another voice speaks out with a different message

Society and Communities are fragmented

Resentment is rife, there is only internal strife

There is no coming together

Integration is discouraged or ignored

The complexion of the nation irrevocably changed

We wander about in a daze

in a land which has become a maze

We had no choice

when it came to multiculturalism

It was foisted on us by stealth

The clock cannot be turned back

and now are live in fear and a mess

where our lives are valued less

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<Deleted User> (13762)

Thu 8th Jun 2017 17:29

I saw a photo of the old Swansea Boys & Girls Club on Facebook yesterday - derelict now, in a disadvantaged part of town which isn't very pretty, where less money is directed. Made me think how shitty and ugly poor places are. But how do we change this?

I spoke with a friend today, he volunteers at a local country park, council owned, very popular. One of the volunteers has been spending time putting up info boards in a bird hide. He wants to do more but the risk of vandalism is too high. The roofing felt has already been ripped off to start fires. How do we change this?

forgive me if this has nothing to do with your poem Keith but your poem made me want to write down these thoughts. And it's election day here and it seems we are constantly spoken at by Two Voices - and nothing ever changes. This election has left me drained of hope and wishing for miracles. And the weather is shit! Hope yours is better.

C?L <--- puts on brave sunny face

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