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Do what you must to ensure they don’t see.

Rationalize and pretend it won’t be.


Wish it away to escape from it all.

Cover it up like the paint on the wall.


Cloak it in layers of varying hue,

carefully crafted to keep it from view.


Do what you can with all effort and might.

Make every move just to keep it from sight.


Do what you must but in time you will ...

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Falling Apart

Sometimes it doesn’t go the way

you thought it would at all.


Sometimes the pieces all line up

though randomly they fall.


Sometimes I guess you’re better off

just following your heart.


Cuz sometimes it can still work out…

though you’re falling apart.

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destinydivine interventiongod's hand


The rock

The rock on a high coast, on which I leant.

Your love, as strong as the rock.               


We were


we held eternity blindly; we reached

for a meaning that was greater than life:



Destiny - word of fools.

Your eye and mine:

they saw

only a hazed horizon.



Endless line before endless line

losing time to d...

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destinylifefutureseaHopkinsDewi Emrys


unwavering and determined
till the end,
filled with willpower.

… is this rare form,
burned alive from the inside,
the thrill of the hunt
is much too abrupt
when they’re frozen out of fear

with my last breath, I’m to rest each day
only so that
the past undeath doesn’t catch up with me.

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In the beginning, God [early draft]

And in that first wailing cry my ashes were ordained:

As the ocean acknowledges its horizon,

knows infinity's finite edge

so my cry knew a destiny

knew my play and my learning

my work, my leisure, my sleep

the evil of my hands and the goodness of my heart

my loves, my hates, my pleasures.

Knew my world: that tiny flesh held all my futures

and in those fragile bones resid...

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destinyworldglobal warmingpoliticsearth

Just me and I

I live in a land On a bank Looking over an ocean I live in a land Where my future Is always bright But never clear On that bank I sit there thinking Wondering why The sun never quite sets Looiking at that ocean I see nothing Nothing but space I live in a land Where space is close Enough to reach From my bank All it takes Is one short walk ...

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             together that night
Under golden shards of starlight
Skin glistening with sweat & tears
A caress to hide our deepest fears
We trickled down like teardrops
Made mercury under a brightening moon
Lips Softly touching 
Hearts merging
The anticipation 
of the life we could have 
        If not for life itself
There was one last look
Through glistening pools of...

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Fairytale - For V & K

An entrance to a fairytale waiting to happen,

Sweet scented flowers, second only to the story that's about to bloom,

Flickering candles mimicking twinking stars in the dark sky,

Like the love that survived through thick and thin, dark and light...


A slow stepped waltz, opening to a dance of a lifetime,

followed by a ballad about a love that grew from childhood

and an eternal...

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loversloveWeddingmodern fairytaledestinyEternity

Mi Anemone

A warmth in her blossomed,

He made her smile from her heart. 

She was too scared to tell him,

So she played the friendship part. 






He stole her affection, like a thief in the night

Unknowingly planting the seed, but she forbid it to see the light. 

Though feelings had already begun to sprout from within,

Her exterior shell then cracked, it...

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Destiny is not where life or time is taking you to,

Destiny is the place where you want to see yourself.

Destiny is not where others push you to be,

Destiny is where your heart feels satisfaction.

Not everyone born with a silver spoon,

Not everyone inherits fame,

Millions of people with their hard efforts and sturdy will power earn it.

Everyone born with a hidden talent and it...

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Maybe Next Time

Maybe next time,

I will get it right, 

put up more of a fight, 

won’t settle,

take control of my life. 

Maybe next time, 

I will find fortune and fame,

learn how to play the game.

Maybe next time,

I will see it through, 

know the right thing to do.

Maybe next time,

you will love me,

as much as I love you.

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Some tips to write a good poem

There is no need

to set your poem to the music of the heart, or let it sway

to the rhythms of the hurt, at least for today.


There is no need

for you to panic, or dive into the pyre of rhyme

Burn later, if you will, but for now, wait out your time.


Let it corrupt a little, breathe in the zones unlit

Break and crumble, and feed on itself, bit by bit.


For you se...

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I can’t see

But I can dream


It’s like wearing a blindfold

On my brown eyes

I can’t watch, but I can feel

All these weird wild vibes


All these angelic faces around me

But those diabolic souls surround me

Are they real or are they fake?

It’s like watching a blue snowflake

Falling for smiles and grace

All night murdering for a race


I can’t wait


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Resistance is futile. 

You will not find rest

as long as I am near, 

whispering in your ear. 


STOP,  right now.

Write now. 


Talk about how 

love echoes 

in the valley of 

lost souls. 


Share your hopes, 

dreams, fears. 


I’m listening, 


ready to bathe you, 

in serenity. 


I am your muse, 

voice of truth, 


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People come and go
leaving behind the scars:

It's more than heaven 
in a beautiful beginning, 

very perfectly blessed
like walking in moonlight.

An abrupt rapture of emotions, 
the deep dives in the lovely sea,

the waters perfectly unknown, 
the realms strange, but cozy.

Hopes are always great, 
but perhaps so baseless.

We are like the falling stars 
that will surely shoot...

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destinyfragilityhuman relationsmemories as scars

Still cool

I'm still cool,
torn by destiny
that made me blue.

Why to pain,
and for whom,
when it isn't a worthy tool.

Time cut me
into pieces immeasurable,
and I rose like a toddler,

I still rose,
each time, with a power
of a thousand phoenixes.


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bad patchesdestinydeterminationpositivism

Destiny Bound

You think you can 
break my heart
without breaking 
your own?

We are one. 

Your tears 
are my tears.
My tears stream 
down your face.

Interwined energy,
we try to escape,
but it keeps pulling us back 
to this silent space.

You turn away,
nothing to say,
rue the day.

I laugh through the tears, 
because I know we will be 
bound again for years, 


Our des...

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Love Letter to My Muse

All day long 

I think of you. 

I can’t wait to get home 

to be with you,

to feel your ink drip 

between my fingers.

You are my love,

my passion,

my muse.

I know you will 

never leave me. 

We are bound 

by a legacy of words, 

that braids our soul.

Our poetry echoes 

through time and space, 

leaves a soft place 

for broken hearts to land. 

# # # 


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Fool me once 
shame on you.

Fool me twice 
shame on me.

Fools forever 
chasing love 
and destiny. 

Think it through
before you give up 
for a moment 
in the sun 
on the sinking ship
of fools. 


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Dear Muse

Hide away 
if you must. 

I don't understand 
what prompts you 
to surface anyway. 

I will do like I always do,
show up on the page,
stumble through what 
I was put on earth to do,
share my truth.

I know even though you 
fly away again and again 
to do whatever muses do, 

you will come back, 
when I least expect
and light up my soul
with your beautiful words, 
like you alwa...

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destinyfateghostsjourneylovemusemusesnamastepoetrypromptssoulstarcrossedthe universewriters block

Love Lessons

He loves her but, 
she loves him,
but he loves the mirror 
like his lost love loves selfies.

Adoration, pointing every direction, 
like weather vanes in a hurricane.

Each unware their 
love affair 
is bound to end. 

Love lessons often repeat 
until we understand that 
real love begins within, 
then overflows to others, 

making the circle of love 



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agapedestinylost loveloverelationshipsself loveSelf-awarenessself-esteemsoulmatestwinflame


You are a creator.
I am a creator.

I created you
and you created me.

Together we create
our destiny.

Will we fill our life
with strife or harmony.

Will we hide behind fear and doubt 
or flesh our gifts out.

It is up to you.
It is up to me.

To be all we created 
ourselves to be.


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creatorcreationi amdestinylifegodfaithspiritualitymanifestingthe law of attraction

One day

One day
One day the unsolved riddle will find its clues out.. 
One day this anxious await will no more exist.. 
One day the truth will dawn with no trace of any doubt.. 
One day we shall be destined to cross the roads of desist.. 

One day the mystery of unknown will cease to allure
One day new dimensions will emerge to explore.. 
One day our rendezvous would not be obscure.. 
One day we ...

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If you become 
what you think about 
most of the time... 

I am becoming 
poetry, a lyrical 
fantasy floating 
in rhyme. 

I am becoming 
love and light,

Doing my best
to do what's right.

I am becoming 
and peace. 

Healing souls
like Wayne 
and Louise.  

I am becoming
who God intended
me to be.

Leaving a loving

I am becoming 



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lovelightlegacyhealingsoulsdestinypoetryfantasyrhymeGodfaithforgivenesspeacefreedomWayne DyerLouise Hay

Echoes of Life

What are the chances 

of two lost souls 

light-years apart

colliding twice in life?

Astronomical. Yes!

The dance is sweeter, 

with ego out of the way. 

All that remains is love

purified by the same rock-bottom

pressure that turns grains of sand into

pearls, coal into diamonds. 

Not lustful love, agape. 

Godly, unconditional love for humanity. 

Forgiving. Acce...

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agapedestinyfateforgivenessgodlifetimelost soulslovenamastepeaceself-lovetwin flames

Into the Woods

We were lame and we were young,

Walking in the woods,

While singing our song,

Never in my dreams, felt anything wrong,

Thought you were always coming along,

Do not remember where exactly I lost you,

My eyes searched for you in heavy fog,

I continued my journey amidst the rocks,

Shivered through-out the night,

Darkness was blocking my sight,

Always thought that you wer...

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woodsalonedestinyFatejourneyknight in shining armorlovenumbShiningsunwalkwomanmansong

Rose Colored Reality

Too much reality 
can burn a hole
through your soul.

I prefer to temper it
with rose colored glasses,
as you know.

With my glasses on
I can see past the ego
to the wounds at
war within.

I can see that the
past, present, and
future are all 
an illusion...

created for one purpose

to tell the story
of how we want to 
show up in this world. 

I can see beyond 

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despairdestinydivisionegofatefuturelifelovepastpresentpurposerealityresistancerose colored glassesrosessoulstorystorytelling

I do not get it

I do not get it when they say,

We will not make it one day,

I do not get it, when they laugh,

On us and on our scars


I do not get it when they do not believe us,

How crazily can this world suck?

I cannot express the pain in words,

Let’s run because we seem cursed


Let’s run away from the chains of pain,

Let’s run away where we can dance in rain,

Let’s run as ...

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boysbreakupdestinyexperiencegirllovemodern liferelationshipslove endinglaughscarsfreecheatinglifefate


Forever ago may seem 
like 20 years of gray,
but I live forever every day.

There is no escape.

It's not the passion I miss,
I keep that memory sealed 
in a concrete kiss.

It's the lyrical 
soul connection
that went on months

before our egos
got in the way. 

In the forever between
tears and heartbreak, 

we managed 
to find ourselves 

and our destiny, here 
on this pag...

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connectiondestinyforeverheartbreakkissesmusepassionpoetrypoetsstar-crossed loveTearstime

Fly Away

She wanted to fly high

But was afraid to fell from the blue sky

She longed for someone

To come along her way

To guide her throughout

No matter what the world says


She would believe in miracles

She was never afraid to dream

If only that someone showed up

She would have been living free

Chained in the shackles

She longed to breathe

Eventually that someone sho...

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flyfly in skythe skya girlbutterflyhappydestinyFatemy worldlife

My Dopamine

Your words flow 
though my veins 
and light up my soul 
like nothing 
I've ever known.
Chemical alchemy.
Cosmic destiny.
Beyond comprehension.
From another dimension.
Steam. My dopamine. 

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It's Easier to Believe

It's easier to believe
I am a child of the most high God
than to live a life of despair.

It's easier to believe
everything happens for a reason
than to question fate.

It's easier to believe
love is everywhere
than to give in to hate.

It's easier to believe
in forgiveness
than remain a victim.

It's easier to believe
in abundant blessings
than mounting problems.

It's easier ...

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Publish your poems,

your stories,

your soul songs.

A world of lonely people

are waiting for you

with open arms. 


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destinyhealinglegacylonlinessmiraclesmusicpoetryquillsoultwin flamewriting

Destined to succeed

I have no reasons to stop, no reasons to halt,
I have no reasons to cry over my fault.

I have no reason to fear, ah! no depression;
I have no reasons to regret
Or betray my passion.

Life often puts me in a hell,
Yet I find a grace,
When it pushes me unto heaven
I don't lose my face.

I might have got no respect
Not a penny fame.
Yet I am not without a critic
Nor without a dirty ...

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They come together

                in this place outside

yet at the centre of our world.

We have asked of them

                our destiny

Have demanded nothing of them

                except our future.

Who are these gods in whom we place our trust?

Who are these gods that we have selected?

                These are the senate that we once elected:

The senators that ...

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Aisa Kyu

By : Mirza Sharafat

mujhe  kya ,  har  cheez  me  tera  ghar  lagta  hai
wo  sama ,  teri  ghali  ka  wo  manzar  lagta  hai

pawu  zameen  pa rakh  ke  samandar  lagta  hai
teri  muhabbat  ka  asar  is  qadar  lagta  hai

Sulagti  huwi  aagh  pa  mujhe  chalney  do  rafiq
Har  qadam  pa  maloom  uska  reh  guzar  lagta  hai

terey  ansuvu  ki  jo  na  kar  sakey  qadar
phir  dil  usk...

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Falling for a Girl (Man's POV)

When you fall for a girl, your whole world changes.
What you say, what you do, how you think, how you even breathe.
She is the air you take in.
The air you never want to let go.
You do better in class because you love the way her smile makes you feel,
you make lame jokes just to hear her laugh.
You sit in silence because everything she does is amazing.
The way she speaks Spanish, the way sh...

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The Father's Curse


The Father’s Curse


I am not  the man you used to be


the acorn falling softly

in the shade of your tree

raising ungrateful sons

to their own prosperity

fighting a war

so that others could be free

the nurturing of potential

that you swore you couldn’t see

expected to take root

and share your ancient symmetry

being a loving father

when it wasn’t m...

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ungratefulsonfatherfootstepsown pathdestiny


get some of this

delicate balance

as day and night

from night to day

who is trapped?

asked gaia

who is trapped?

asked god

may be y'all

should be



the dance is for the motion!

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Plasma screen; well kept, clean 
Silenced screams
And faces pleased 

Artificial combustion
Will as strong as a Russian 
Why how is it fantastic?

To become cynical and sarcastic 
Grow older and bolder
Fly without wings 

Flee the magnifying mirror
Unfold the killer 
Be who you are 

The fault in our stars
It is merely a myth you see
Thou shall reveal the not so mysterious myster...

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I am what I am

I am the change that I want to see

I am the answer to what I think should be

I am the result before the question

I am the future put in motion


Take time to see what is real

Take time to know how you feel

Take time to rebuild broken dreams

Take time no matter how bad it seems


I am today as one person

I am always looking with a new vision

I am my own direction


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Fate’s handwriting


Found a crushed paper

Beneath a lovely old book

Like one dropped by blues

Had an enigmatic look


Against questions unfathomable;

Thousand answers it opined

Penned was my name

 ‘Twas stamped as “DESTINED”!!


 I felt a connect,

And flipped a corner,

Bold chevron lines read,

“Seed and then garner”


Ink fluttered to allude

Loud and clear message;


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On the Cards

Royal Flush:


Prep School

Eton College

Oxford University

Prime Minister.


Busted flush:



Somewhere else

Stockport Jobclub



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Let the Chips Fall

Let the chips fall,
We're cutting down a tree.
But only to build a bridge
made of electricity.

It's connecting you and me,
to a future we can't see.
Que sera, sera,
What will be will be.

The light that shines inside us
is directing you to me.

Fate is in auto-pilot and it flies in stealth
the beauty of surrender
is a new abundant wealth.

To hell with always ...

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All our life is full of temptations,


aggravations, sensations, relations…,


good and bad morals,


trifling quarrels, insults,


disappointments and losses,


the worn out clothes,


treacheries and complaints,


events we can’t prevent,


some things we can’t withstand,


stresses and shocks,



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