low life spawn

knock the door then fucking run away

each and every fucking day

to and from the fucking park

enjoy the joke we're having a lark

what the fuck are you gonna do

you don't know us; you haven't a clue

are you gonna make a stand

defend your house car and land

are you gonna fucking take us on

the very best in local low life spawn

you know we know how to play the system


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anti-socialconductdisrespectfightingfuckfuckedfuckinggeneration gaphaving a jokehaving a laughhonourknocking on doorsmenacemenacingpissedwar

The Art of Whiteness (with grudging apology to Rudyard Kipling)

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So heavy the White Man’s burden, The best of Britain’s breed,

Exiled to Empire’s far-flung corners, to serve dominion’s need,

To discipline with vigilance, those wandering people wild,

New-conquered, surly wretches; Demi-human, demi-child.


So heavy the White Man’s burden, With fortitude we abide,  

Whilst crushing all rebellion, Destroying native pride,

Impressing on the...

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civiliseddiscipineEmpireGodheathenpeacewarWhite man's burden

A celebration

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The mothers dresses swirl

on evening’s breeze in perfumed air

while younger children twirl

spun proud by fathers, free of care 


My chest is small though broad enough

to carry all I need

I’ll walk into the middle

a hundred souls to free


Step by step I enter

hair ruffled by joyous hands

and I have travelled far

too far to change their plans


At vacan...

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Far Away

Is the high worth the pain?

Or for the sunshine is the rain?

Stuck between this world and yours,

Both of my feet in different doors.

Quiet and desolate desert night,

My soul thirsts for your love's light

Restless and weary as I lay, Far away, Far away.

The whistling wind and blowing breeze,

The moon, it sets my mind at ease

The sun radiates through my soul,

Warming wh...

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deploymentpoetrysoldiersoldierssoldiers in warwar

Just blow the whistle (collaboration)

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Just blow the whistle

and lets be gone

we cannot bear this

sickness long


The air is still

as death awaits

St Peter

lingers at the gates


As triggered fingers

itch to kill

its rather them

their coffins fill


At close of day

this battled ground

will have its blood

and flesh by pound


And measured gains

the sum of naught

will come...

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Just blow the whistle

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Just blow the whistle

and lets be gone

we cannot bear this

sickness long


The air is still

as death awaits

St Peter

lingers at his gates


As triggered fingers

itch to kill

its rather them

their coffins fill


At close of day

this battled ground

will have its blood

and flesh by pound


And measured gains

the sum of naught

will come...

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A bullet with your name on it

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The dread is of ending

with no goodbye,

into that night never-ending

not knowing the why.


Occasionally foetally curled,

sensing death in unstoppable flight

men cast repellent out to the world

all thought of life 

so live they might. 


Laid, fear-filled,

and helpless



or lost

exposed to random precision,

death falls

as cold...

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Asylum Seekers

Asylum seekers peppered over the papers,

all over the news, filling the net

Asylum seekers under the waves

down in the ocean-

Spongers drifting past sponges

Terrorists with the sharks,

Users, low,low,low lives

deep in the depths of despair.


And there ain't no reason

and there ain't no tide

can wash away this henious crime.


We weep for the children

Dry ...

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refugeewarwar poetry

The Bayonet In The Shed

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The Bayonet In The Shed


He put it there in forty nine,

in a woodworm riddled drawer,

wrapped it in a greasy rag.

A remnant from the war.

On top of it he laid his medals,

nothing more was said

until the day my father

took the bayonet from the shed.


We had pestered many times

and he had said ‘perhaps’

when we asked him if he’d killed

any Krauts or any Ja...

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bayonetfatherherokillingmedalsold soldierwarww2. burma

getaway car

a spoil of war
guns beamed and men fell
their tools glistened at the call

we heard the swinging hammers of
history to be made
and answered the lightning strike of
history meant to fade

deals on wheels
an underground stake
driven deep
growing metastatic root

proto-negative flashes show light
into the coming night
of a future entangled

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Boys and girls

Boys and girls
come out to play 
but boys are more often led astray 
From the moment of conception 
the boys hand holds a weapon 
pointing that willy 
willy nilly 
gradually learning to gauge the distance 
and then with age comes the decision 
to aim the weapon with more precision 
and the years of practice at pointing this piece 
plants seeds in his head
of disturbing the peace
but t...

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Should We Walk By?

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Should we walk by the waters edge
Or swim against the flow,
Where men in oceans, stained with red
Live shortened lives below?

Should we walk by the waters edge
Or break against the waves,
Where women flounder where they fled
In watery graves?

Should we walk by the waters edge
Or thrash against the tide,
Where children drown in sunken beds
Whose parents made them lie?

Should we wa...

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Fair trade

“We take our exporting responsibilities 

 very seriously”


A statement 

of consolation

un-befalling a

silent nation


That by their dead ears 

was never heard

when ordnance fell 

replacing word


While they bled dry

their veins of blood

great seas did fill

though never flood


For greed can soak

more life than they

could offer men


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Arms IndustryGreedWar

When a child asks about the cruelty in the world.

Switch off the TV’s

Cover their ears

Wrap them in cotton wool

Drink all their tears

Drown them in fairy tales

Sing them sweet songs

Take them to places

The bad don’t belong

Bathe them in sunshine

Shower them with love

Serve them their childhood

Wearing kid gloves.

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I will not be defined by ancient Gods,

or the archaic teachings in their books.

I will tread warily around their words

and avoid the hidden traps and snaring hooks.


I will not stand behind a coloured flag

and spout my blunt imperialistic views

or drape it on a coffin when I die

or burn it on the early evening news.


I will not make a choice that’s...

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You and I met

You and I met at the most unfortunate time:

Shrieks of bodies being torn apart

Filled my ears as I looked into your eyes - 

Earthy hazel, a grounding, on which I could rely.

Hell was bearing down on us, and yet I

Did not cry; we emerged, intact, but apart,

And for the moment, swallowed the lie.


Years of companionship spent in uniform stride

Into wanton ruin where only ...

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deathlosslovelove and romancewar

Hopeful seeds

With all the hurly burly done,

and march to war forgot

the prize contested, still un-won

bones bared by deaths foul rot.


Conflicts noise not yet expelled,

the years between that day to this

are firmly in the cortex held,

in shocking flash of combats kiss.


It taunts and mocks

the fragile mind

to haunt and deal its wicked hand,

so prevalent they are to find


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