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I want to tell you how incredibly

imaginative, creative, talented

I think you are with your poetry,

writing, music, art...

but I hesitate to expose our

eggshell-covered egos, 

fuel rejection, 

ignite impostor syndrome...

all live wires 

that threaten to electrocute

our fragile muse 

into submission 

of a numbed,

comfort-zone life. 

So, instead of shouting


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Marie The Poet

After She Made It to the News papers life was never same again 
people recognised her as a POET, it became a blooming pain 
In Tesco everyone would look, in the chemist they would wink 
Being a famous Poet was harder than anyone would think 

She tried to solved her problem when in a red wig she would walk 
doesn't she look like Marie the poet everyone would squawk 
In the end she stayed in d...

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