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A Broken Mirror



                                                             Can you                                                                                                                                                Help me please.                                                                                                                            My mirror appears to be b...

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bodybroken mirrorsimagemirrorselfSelf Image

my reflection (was rejected by a magazine)

entry picture

I stare on down,

down the sinkhole

the gunk, hair and blood 

stares back 


it taunts my skin 

caressed by lavender soap 

smooth from scrubbing

a reminder of my dirty sin 


I stare further down 

down the patterned metal strainer

into the deep void, beyond black 


god, that hair

the gunk

the gross, gross hair

gagging up my insides 



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The mirror in the room

holds me quite tightly

within its glassy memory.

Standing aside from its stare

I know what its thoughts are.

Dreaming of a reflection,

reflecting on a dream.

Still, but still in motion,

an opposite movement

a trick of the eye,

thoughts backward,

it emulates itself,

and echoes all before it.

Patiently waiting for its time

to cast a li...

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Void Brooding.

I wish the abyss would stop looking back at me.
I look in the mirror and I swear that's all I see.
Not a monster but a void I cant escape.
I was born with a heart but it seems mishaped.

Someday I swear I'm going to leave this place.
Find my way to the light that people praise.
But for now I think it's better if I hang my head.
Bite my tongue and drink until I just forget.

I don't know how ...

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The mirror

The mirror speaks a truth that you don't want to hear
What makes you so afraid is right there and it's so clear
That anyone but you would run away and scream
But no, you choose to stay and bathe in your darkest dream.

There is no light or rainbows or things you'd like to share,
Just you...in your naked costume, parading under moon's glare.
You twitch and turn and the sides are all the same...

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Stranger in me

Looked in the possessing mirror
Holding me fast in her grip
Not letting go even when I step away
Keep an eye on yourself
Spy on yourself
Introspective inspection

I saw the stranger in me
the foreigner in my family
the immigrant in my house

Was it me?
Was it you?
It was me
It was you

Another situation
Another time
Same reaction
Same action

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Puzzle Pieces (If You Think About It)

The right type of music

like the right type of doctor

inside you, cutting you open

breaking you apart and

reassembling your thoughts like a puzzle.

Not another world, just another space

seclude yourself from the rest

stare at what you are in that mirror

if you break it, it doesn't matter

stare at all the disappointed faces staring back

feel their fear, and understand


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A valuable gift,

An emotional curse,

Seeing past the illusion,

Stuck with the truth


Ugly at times,

But you know it’s for the better,

In a world of pretenders,

There’s only a few authentic left 


A loving heart,

Unable to be free,

God forbid you love a fraud,

Imagine you’re 6 feet deep 


The mind and the heart are at odds,

HOW can they reconcile?


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judgmentMirrorreflectiontrusting your choices

Scattered Beauty

entry picture

And then
When the night nighed
Her beauty sighed
She looked again into mirror
Beauty scattered by any error
Her face is a piece of cheater
Expert as liar quite neater
Then smoke emanated
As if my wishes detonated
Glasses broke into pieces
Ashamed of reflecting her face
To my Love, this is disgrace

Mirza Sharafat Hussain Beigh

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Aisa Kyu

By : Mirza Sharafat

mujhe  kya ,  har  cheez  me  tera  ghar  lagta  hai
wo  sama ,  teri  ghali  ka  wo  manzar  lagta  hai

pawu  zameen  pa rakh  ke  samandar  lagta  hai
teri  muhabbat  ka  asar  is  qadar  lagta  hai

Sulagti  huwi  aagh  pa  mujhe  chalney  do  rafiq
Har  qadam  pa  maloom  uska  reh  guzar  lagta  hai

terey  ansuvu  ki  jo  na  kar  sakey  qadar
phir  dil  uska  muj...

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The waves come and go
And the sea remains the sea

The reflections come and go
And the mirror remains the mirror

Joy and misery come and go
What remains is what is me

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memirrorSeaself reflection

Mirror cracked

In the mirror

I held a face

that held a face's stare,

In that mirror

the face that stared

stared back at me in fear...


I knew that once

I turned away

that we would meet again

that he would watch

the back of my head and

whisper once more my name.


words and foto  Tommy Carroll 

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you would not believe how easy it is to break a mirror!
and we're not talking the ones that you see in the clearance sections at stores,
we're talking about the mirror that shows you how you think about yourself.

this mirror is one made of a very special glass,
one that comes in all different shapes and sizes for every person,
one that is very often...fragile.

a child often begins their ...

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entry picture

Gaze into the mirror

at the face behind the mask

and wonder if it's really you,

or don’t you dare to ask?


Who can know what lies beyond

the mirrors fragile face,

reflections of another life;

another time or place?


Touch the chill upon the glass

and see a tiny ripple,

was it real or in your mind,

did it really feel so supple?


Gaze into empty eyes


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entry picture

The hands of time tick slowly by

as dawn breaks in a new day.

A nightmare reality of

the receding night lies marked,

like so many fading stars,

in the shattered glass on the floor.


Silken shards of sorry souls,

their lives now trapped

in a dream of what was then,

what is now and

what should never have been.


Each broken image,

a moment in time captured


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entry picture

In the mirror I see your face
In the birds I see your heart
In the clouds I see your mind
In the rain I see your tears
In the ocean I see your depth
In the trees I see your strength
In the rainbow I see your beauty
In the wind I see your breath
In the sky I see your soul
No insight sees deeper than no sight.

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The mirror

entry picture

From the bridge of your dreams
You see yourself on the other side
Illuminated for a brief moment.
You walk away from the illusion,
Deciding to be only one part.
And yet at the very last moment
You turn around and look back
At the silhouetted image of you
In the distance, raising a right hand.
And you wave back with the left
Because you are the reflection
And this is the connection
As far as the mind can see.

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The Mirror

entry picture














My first apartment

was in a bad neighborhood.

The apartment was small

and rat infested.


The mirror in my

bedroom had a

dark shadowy spot

in the corner.


It looked creepy but

I told myself to ignore it.

But sometimes I swear

the shadow pulsated

like it was breathing.


When my lease r...

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Who is this Woman in the Mirror

entry picture














Who is this woman in

the mirror?

When did her hair start

to turn grey?

What happened to the

young girl who used to

laugh and play?


Who is this woman in

the mirror?

When did these

wrinkles appear?

What happened to the

young girl whose parents

used to call "Dear"...

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agemirroryoung girl

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