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I’m gonna win big, so big, this time;

I’ll notch up a record score.

There’s no way, trust me, there’s no way

That the other side will get more.


Our democracy is sacred,

To say otherwise is a sin;

So I will accept the verdict,

Provided, of course, that I win!


If I should lose, I will cry foul,

Alleging there was massive fraud;

I don’t need any evidence –


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US electionsdemocracy

Time Was II

Once I was a pacifist, I was an objector. 

A campaigning reformer, I was a protester.  


Now I’m a radical extremist and snowflake moaner. 

Mob rule wokeist, another social-justice warrior. 


Someone who’s made their point but won’t shut up. 

Prepared to tear society apart, a loon, and a zealot. 


An agitator and disrupter, someone who must be reined in. 

A danger ...

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I had a dream

I hailed a dream 

One dark night

To find myself 

In a place not right


My choices had 

Been taken away 

By a backward court 

Of the grand old ways!


The old wild west

Still held its sway

They said it was

Their country's way


The right to bear arms

Still had its freedom 

No matter how many

Kids were  bleedin'


And all LGBTQ

Had to w...

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A Place in History

Inspired from my walk to Hampton Court Palace ...


The cobbled stone path concealed a mirror,

Reflecting the footsteps of a bygone era.

On the grounds of Richmond upon Thames,

Stood one of English history’s finest gems.

The grandeur of architecture that once welcomed royalty,

Now stood barren, amongst its tranquillity.


A king’s history of questionable demeanour


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hampton court palaceKing Henry VIIILearn from historydemocracy

HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER (A rumination on The Capitol Hill Riot)

Enough is enough. Your madness is playing out it's deepest conceit.

No-one stole the election. But you would steal democracy.

You provoke, incite, divide, destroy. You sulk, pout, rant, rage, vilify.

While your America is kissed by the lips of a virus that leaves her breathless and dying,

in the swaggering grandeur of self-entitlement you play golf and tweet a polluted stream of omnipo...

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Capitol Hill riotdemocracypolitical poetry


Democracy reveals the state
Of our disunity - Doug.E.Barr, poet


As I stood by the till

I heard a voice call out

It's over - the people's will:

A good result - a real rout

And ducked my head to pay

As the cashier agreed

And ducked my sad head to pray:

My silent view, an alien creed.


It's over - the people have had their say

That last faint hope is gone, done...

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Contusion Blues

Have I caught a cold?
I can feel it in my bones
this hollow sense that I can’t shake
when I gauge the current state

Newspaper, newspaper
you’re not paper anymore
and it’s not news
just the inevitable unfolding
an unstoppable rolling
towards flag waving
a dismantling, dividing
dis-united kingdom

This news, this news
gives me contusion blues…

Politics is broken, democracy’s a jok...

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bleakcolddemocracymodern lifenewspoliticssicknessukus



it is all bleak broken; half-hell-heard House, blight blasted, a

sound spoke maelstrom where we see no substance swirling over heads

and hearts unheard - untending - unending obstacles to speech where

he, bright-tied bright-eyed, oversees the game's communication farce fail

debate: debate dire-drowning in the noise.





it is all blame blighted; w...

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BrexitgovernmentparliamentEUEuropeUKdemocracySpeakerPrime Ministers

Late Wisdom

You're aching for peace

I'm hurting too

Let the arguing cease

There's polling to do


You look for meaning

I offer a word

No sense for your gleaning

I'm not sure they heard


You called referendum

I thought it was flawed

A meaningless thrum

On democracy's chord


You were not aware and

I never knew

That voting out fanned

A nationalist view



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They come together

                in this place outside

yet at the centre of our world.

We have asked of them

                our destiny

Have demanded nothing of them

                except our future.

Who are these gods in whom we place our trust?

Who are these gods that we have selected?

                These are the senate that we once elected:

The senators that ...

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Self Canibalism

Ouroboros is its own meal

The same is true with

Those from own country that steal!


To humstrung the incumbent

Most party members are not hesitant.


Ouroboros,they adore their party,

Which they obliviously or

Otherwise sully with

A rent-seeking identity.

They adore the incumbent

Yet they spell nation's

Slow but sure death

Siphoning budget earmarked


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When the KKK and the Kremlin

Are sharing their vodka and rye

When redneck mutherfuckers

are making Lady Liberty cry

When The land of the free is walled in

So pesky Mexicans can’t get by

That’s the day the rest of us

Watches America die.


When the Whitehouse houses a bigot

A misogynist ‘locker room’ fly

When a multi-billionaire

Stands for momma...

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democracydonald trumpelection

A White House or A Farce House ?

Awe inspired
While the whole world was
Expecting a
Brilliant lady
In a white-house
Drawing a blank
It witnessed a
Clown in a Farce
With the rob of Democracy
Takes stage Autocracy!

If spoken must
Be the truth
The revolting unfolding
Augurs ill to the youth,
The successors,
The task forces of
A given nation,
Who deserves
A better attention
To take the nation
To a n...

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