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Mindy Newton on Drunks are Brilliant (3 hours ago)

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it is all bleak broken; half-hell-heard House, blight blasted, a

sound spoke maelstrom where we see no substance swirling over heads

and hearts unheard - untending - unending obstacles to speech where

he, bright-tied bright-eyed, oversees the game's communication farce fail

debate: debate dire-drowning in the noise.





it is all blame blighted; w...

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Late Wisdom

You're aching for peace

I'm hurting too

Let the arguing cease

There's polling to do


You look for meaning

I offer a word

No sense for your gleaning

I'm not sure they heard


You called referendum

I thought it was flawed

A meaningless thrum

On democracy's chord


You were not aware and

I never knew

That voting out fanned

A nationalist view



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entry picture

They come together

                in this place outside

yet at the centre of our world.

We have asked of them

                our destiny

Have demanded nothing of them

                except our future.

Who are these gods in whom we place our trust?

Who are these gods that we have selected?

                These are the senate that we once elected:

The senators that ...

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Self Canibalism

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Ouroboros is its own meal

The same is true with

Those from own country that steal!


To humstrung the incumbent

Most party members are not hesitant.


Ouroboros,they adore their party,

Which they obliviously or

Otherwise sully with

A rent-seeking identity.

They adore the incumbent

Yet they spell nation's

Slow but sure death

Siphoning budget earmarked


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When the KKK and the Kremlin

Are sharing their vodka and rye

When redneck mutherfuckers

are making Lady Liberty cry

When The land of the free is walled in

So pesky Mexicans can’t get by

That’s the day the rest of us

Watches America die.


When the Whitehouse houses a bigot

A misogynist ‘locker room’ fly

When a multi-billionaire

Stands for momma...

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democracydonald trumpelection

A White House or A Farce House ?

Awe inspired
While the whole world was
Expecting a
Brilliant lady
In a white-house
Drawing a blank
It witnessed a
Clown in a Farce
With the rob of Democracy
Takes stage Autocracy!

If spoken must
Be the truth
The revolting unfolding
Augurs ill to the youth,
The successors,
The task forces of
A given nation,
Who deserves
A better attention
To take the nation
To a n...

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