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Lockdown Birthday

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Lockdown Birthday


We walked up from the river

Beneath a canopy of trees

The air was filled with birdsong

On a warm and gentle breeze

The sun was high in the June sky

The road stretched out ahead

We drank some wine together

shared cheese and new baked bread


After lunch we wandered home

The air was hot and hazy

Then we sat around and drunk beer

Refused t...

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birthdaycelebratingcompanionshipday24(85)lockdownmaking the best of itnapowrimo2017sun

Isn't summer grand.

Suns out
Folk about
Ice cream van

No joke
Topless man

Tidy lasses
Sun glasses
Voddy in hand

Sandals on feet
And BBQ meat
Isn't summer grand?

Shit tatts
Bucket hats
Drugdeals from car

Kids play
at park all day
Sit outside a bar

Lesson learnt
Skin red raw

Sun tan
Fantastic man
Party next door

Smell sweat
No regret
Stella in hand

Air con...

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Punk poetryrhythmicalsummersun


Dawn greets the world with a burgeoning of ochre

and lemon yellow light that blushes warmly.

The land is bathed in a dewy mist

and landmarks emerge in bold boulders of emerald green, crimson and turquoise blue.

Cerulean blue meets cerulean blue

with a horizon that stretches endlessly.


Slithers of land divide sky and sea,

slicing the world into sections that shimmer and gl...

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I don't like your colour,
Can't hear your noise
You cover streets in winter,
Keep my heart there,
In grey lands.
Let rivers overflow
And my heart sinking 
Into colourless melancholy. 
I want to be
At a sunny place.
I want to feel the golden light
And warmth on my skin.

©️ By Magical whispers 

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For many years I walked in shame

With my head bowed down not looking anyone in the eyes

Shame for not being good enough

Shame for not being wanted nor loved

I sat in darkness wondering if I would ever be able to find light

Sat there wondering, if I would ever be worthy or enough

Then a voice whispered in my ear, " I am here."

The voice got louder and yelled, " I am here."


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godheartlovenot enoughraysshamesmilestrengthsunyearning

Swallowed by the Shine of the Sun

Sitting in the sun
Soaking up the warmth 
Staring out into the distance 
Hoping that something will change
Every time I’m in the light

With the rustle of leaves
And birds flying by
Whistling to their mates
Signaling Spring is here
Everything finally feels right


[Feb 2020]

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splendid resplendence

in your essence I sense resplendence
could do no wrong by me, your personably impressioned defendant
your honor is what I strive for
it's why the day turns to night, sun and moon argue back and forth
fight about what's wrong and who's right, tug of war
light bends but doesn't break, shines through the prism, and is perceived in different waves

I met you once but my memory is starting to fade...

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