A Picture of You

If I had a picture of you

I’d keep it to myself

Held tightly against my heart

To feel closer to you

Our bond would be strong

Strong enough to make me feel safe

If only I had a picture of you.


If I had a picture of you

I’d sleep with it on my pillow

Hoping to bring sweet dreams

Of the days we shared long ago

The fun days, holidays and time spent together


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Staple Gun Lover

The bitch is dead.

Spewing hatred from her empty eyes.

She fought back,

Skin under her broken nails,

She never suspected him.

Her beautiful lover boy.

His deathly kiss,

He pinned her to the wall,

Staple gun kisses,

Fastened her down,

Tight as a lover's arms.

She fell for his charms.

Smeared bloody lipstick stuck to his face,

Deathly bite holding its place.


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Soullessly starring into the air

As her body laid lifeless

All this time the Stifled screams

Shut away to keep them at bay, 

Any chance to show remorse

Shut down and accused of lies. 


If I could tell you one last thing

I love you would be the words to say,

Now I can't see you again

I see the truth that was buried within 

I can't help but blame a part of me

As ...

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The Surgeon

Gotta be patient                                                                                       This is pathetic

              To operate....                                                         Obviously no anaesthetics 

                   A sick surgeon                                          As the doctor and the patient

                                   Urged on           ...

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I Have No Fear of Death

For the purpose of context: I was born with congenital heart disease, so I've long ago come to terms with my own mortality.  Death does not scare me, and I'm forever grateful for each day I have.  This piece is art considering the ache that comes after a break-up, it is not a suicide note, or an intention.  :-)

I have no fear of death;
The welcome arms of darkness
Will be a reprieve from the

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Gave Me Up To Tears

entry picture

Gave Me Up To Tears


"And all my mother came into mine eyes
And gave me up to tears."
— William Shakespeare, Henry V


The air tastes of mashed potatoes

When she looks into your eyes

And you look back at the fear and hurt

And she says she’s sorry for dragging you here

And you tell her it’s nothing

Even though you were complaining

That very same thing on the drive h...

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into my nostrils

the salty sea


the waves begird

my figure

deeper and deeper

I step into the ocean

her friendly arms

welcoming me

come sad maiden

I will wash away

your pain

you will never

anguish again...

By Lynn Hahn

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The Dead Dolls

She sat amongst her dollies

Hair all chopped and matted

their legs broken battered,

Biro on each painted face.

The fingers bitten off,

Spat out and thrown away.

Their toes all flat and mangled,

Their eyes poked closed and gone.

Each one no more a beauty,

Each one now dead and gone.


She did it as a child 

To each and every toy.

Her mummy used to smack her,


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deathdoll makerKillersmurdermutilationserial killers

My Pet, Death

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Quiet as the beach can be
Upon the night as it falls:
Birds flown home, and
Life sounds stilled until
The only interruption
Is the rhythmic lapping
Of the low-tide waves.

Lap, ------------- lap,
The slow drumbeat dance
Of the ocean in the mist,
Dark with the new moon,
And stars obscured in
The low-hanging fog
And chilled air crackling.

As the water caresses
The dark, hidden sand,

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King of Armaggedon

Apocolyptic prophecies foretold

The revelation is revealed

The horsemen make their descent

The angels break the seals

A cataclysmic lunar event

The blackening of the sun

Arachaic scriptures speak

The final days have begun

Kingdoms are torn apart

The trumpets are blown

Each disaster worsens

The wretched are left alone

Angels are now demons

Meterorites incinera...

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Where We Live Today

With so much hurt and hatred prevalent in society,
It seems like crimes such as murder, rape, and kidnapping might be
Everyday cliches surrounding us entirely.
I feel as if no other news is ever happening,
Everywhere I look, murder has become fashion internationally.
Especially in America, 'Land of the free, Home of the brave.'
Technically, just tellin ya, it's the land of the creeps, home o...

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Acamapichtli and Dark Moon Night

entry picture

This poem is an original piece using established names.  The names of all characters are taken from the Aztec religion, and all of the characters act in sympathy with their attributed and established forms.  The exception is the titular actor: Acamapichtli.  While Acamapichtli was the first ruler of the Aztecs, in this poem, he is not the same person, but only carries the same name.


The pi...

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Aztec poetryDeathGodsManMessianic poetryMetaphorRebirth


entry picture

Dedication from a canine

far surpasses humans abilities

or understanding


A love so pure

they would lay down

their lives at every sitution


When you pass

and leave them behind

they grieve in a way

so pure and real


They wait for us

for they have faith

they will see us again


And they do...


by Lynn Hahn

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Happy Birthday (in memory)

It's been 

A long long while

And your face

Is coming back 

Into my dreams


I've searched

The whole wide world 

Across but I can't 

Find the words to 

Give you peace


It's been a long year

It's been a hard time

But I can't erase this 

Date from my mind


So I guess there's only 

One thing left to say

Happy birthday 

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The carbon cycle

what we have now is a photo:
Katherine and I with the wedding cake
under a park shelter

and there he is outside
in the background alone and small
and brilliant in the sunlight.

He called me once to talk about fungi:
their dark networks
that join the living and the dead

but that was before he went into the basement
and Katherine pressed the button
and his body released into the air

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Life is No Place

Life is no place

For the living

Death is no place

For the dead

Those who're alive

Are there for the pride 

And the dead



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