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I can’t see

But I can dream


It’s like wearing a blindfold

On my brown eyes

I can’t watch, but I can feel

All these weird wild vibes


All these angelic faces around me

But those diabolic souls surround me

Are they real or are they fake?

It’s like watching a blue snowflake

Falling for smiles and grace

All night murdering for a race


I can’t wait

Till the mask falls

I can pray

To see how it goes

In the deep

For the good lord

I can’t wait

Till the mask falls


They’re not real, they’re not good

Everyone is hiding in the white woods

And now they’re being chased by the grey wolves

Demons are falling the way they should


The war is in the air

The swords are in the hands

The war of the masks is

 The door to the pain  


They are fighting for holy breath

They are fighting the goddess of death

It feels like a nightmare instead

The reason is blindfold that I can’t witness


The thunder is roaring

The ocean rages

The ice is breaking

It tears their pages


The demons are falling

And so their masks

Again, the sun is rising

The victory will last




But the war is beyond time

It costs a high price

The hate is in the mind

Abolish it, before it rises


Before it destroys us all

Before we turn into dust

Before the mother falls

Before arrives the dusk







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Mystique twinkle

Tue 21st Feb 2023 00:08

Just Wow❤

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Pratishtha Singh

Sun 2nd Aug 2020 04:01

thank you so much Po ?. your words are really inspiring.

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